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Answered 184477 WARNING: The partition is misaligned by 3072 bytes. This may result in very poor performance. Repartitioning is suggested 2012-01-12 10:25:26 UTC Jonnifer Answered
Solved 182041 Disk Utility reports slower initial spinup time via S.M.A.R.T. 2011-12-16 00:12:48 UTC bioShark Solved
Answered 181949 repair mounted drive 2011-12-15 04:14:39 UTC russell Answered
Answered 180995 undo format hardisk 2011-12-05 20:53:44 UTC fernando Answered
Answered 180335 How to resize a partition 2011-11-29 03:25:05 UTC Bebe Answered
Answered 180126 how do I install lubuntu with a usb modem as the internet access? 2011-11-27 03:54:58 UTC Jessie Answered
Solved 179199 Disk Utility reports Hard Drive File System NOT Clean 2011-11-18 05:58:58 UTC Usksider Solved
Answered 177393 Failed to move/copy files from one partition to another 2011-11-03 13:22:25 UTC !ncredible Answered
Answered 176775 Usb not authorized 2011-10-29 18:00:14 UTC herr caneli Answered
Answered 175589 No disk space after trying all sudo commands 2011-10-21 13:29:18 UTC Paul Brennan Answered
Open 175580 when i try to eject my external hard disk o receive an error? 2011-10-21 12:39:42 UTC akshay shah Open
Solved 175576 What is the ideal scheme to be used while formatting an external hard drive? 2011-10-21 12:16:51 UTC akshay shah Solved
Answered 175498 corrupt SD card 2011-10-20 22:00:38 UTC Matthew Sparks Answered
Answered 175496 How can i take an image of usb which contains Ubuntu server installed in it. 2011-10-20 21:49:58 UTC Sai sudhams lanka Answered
Solved 175319 how do i create disk image from cd or dvd 2011-10-19 20:39:51 UTC Paul Solved
Solved 175260 upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 - cannot see Samsung external drive 2011-10-19 14:03:48 UTC frank foster Solved
Solved 174168 how to format a 1TB new harddisk 2011-10-13 17:03:26 UTC Hans Tolen Solved
Answered 173992 D drive not detected: Ubuntu 2011-10-12 04:06:26 UTC Spencer Briere Answered
Answered 173661 cant format disk 2011-10-08 14:40:47 UTC noway jose Answered
Answered 173527 how do i add swap partition 2011-10-07 10:21:24 UTC Paul Doyle Answered
Answered 173507 how to fix bad secors of my hard dish 2011-10-07 04:29:28 UTC aravind Answered
Solved 173327 CD/DVD door wont open 2011-10-05 16:49:23 UTC Alan Stevenson Solved
Solved 172208 how to delete windows 7 from the hard drive containing Ubuntu 2011-09-24 14:32:20 UTC Mathew Sebastian Solved
Answered 171097 disk partition & file system 2011-09-14 10:01:37 UTC SHIVRAJ S. UMBARKAR Answered
Answered 170885 how to increase the root directory size of my ubuntu 11.04 root drive running parallel to windows ? 2011-09-12 11:16:40 UTC Pay Dee Answered
Answered 169442 hard disk problem detected 2011-08-29 03:35:04 UTC janet Answered
Answered 169471 individua memorie USB solo da gestore dischi. Non apre ne in lettura ne in scrittura 2011-08-28 22:54:08 UTC Maurilio Pallassini Answered
Answered 169175 how to read a ext3 drive in ubuntu 2011-08-25 18:51:10 UTC Carmine Smediraa Answered
Solved 167410 usb format drive 2011-08-09 08:59:52 UTC sidharth Solved
Answered 167310 How to re-partition a hard disk 2011-08-08 11:25:15 UTC Michael Cummins Answered
Answered 166702 set up raid 1 2011-08-02 07:51:44 UTC harry de vries Answered
Answered 166606 no dash top left corner of screen fordisk utility? 2011-08-01 08:45:12 UTC Paul Stroud Answered
Solved 165632 Getting an error trying to format external harddrive 2011-07-22 02:20:06 UTC Jeff Solved
Solved 164482 Possible to retrieve benchmark test data? 2011-07-12 00:47:13 UTC Andrew Liu Solved
Answered 163777 how do I enable auto-launch for cd-rom 2011-07-05 03:43:20 UTC arnold goldman Answered
Answered 163696 Bad sectors on HD. Is there a utility to repair 2011-07-04 09:57:14 UTC Clarence Harre;; Answered
Solved 162565 New install of Ubuntu 11.04 - External Harddrive not mounting 2011-06-24 07:05:38 UTC Jeremy Boucher Solved
Answered 162164 Hard disk reparting 2011-06-21 05:37:48 UTC Praneel Acharya Answered
Answered 161448 can't access zip 250 2011-06-14 21:13:57 UTC kevin thompson Answered
Answered 161121 poner una partición como arrancable en utilidad de discos 2011-06-11 21:56:33 UTC Juan José Rodriguez Answered
Solved 160521 how can i increase space in disk partition? 2011-06-07 03:21:56 UTC Carlos Lastra Solved
Solved 160327 changing Edit Partition/type made external disk unreadable 2011-06-05 10:42:24 UTC Francois Laferriere Solved
Solved 159293 With disk utility how can I specify my own mount point? 2011-05-27 17:10:58 UTC prgutowski Solved
Answered 156234 ubuntu does not recognize usb thumb drive 2011-05-06 07:39:00 UTC Vincent Mico Answered
Answered 155375 How to reformat hard drive and re-install Ubuntu from USB 2011-05-02 02:09:51 UTC Kristopher Arens Answered
Answered 155157 unallocated space in hard disk 2011-05-01 00:13:51 UTC leguis a. gomez Answered
Solved 155093 I have a non-partition portion of my Hard Drive. How do I expand a partition to fill that space? 2011-04-30 17:26:58 UTC Solved
Solved 153710 cannot read data dvd 2011-04-21 12:01:12 UTC jstokoe Solved
Answered 151590 Connection Speed Unit Display 2011-04-04 04:48:03 UTC jarbro Answered
Solved 146120 how to repair bad sectors - SMART Data 2011-02-20 15:01:10 UTC Irwin Solved
Answered 142189 Error starting job: Failed to execute child process "mdadm" (No such file or directory) 2011-01-20 12:19:07 UTC joe florez Answered
Solved 140464 Error: The daemon is being inhibited 2011-01-06 21:54:49 UTC tesaba Solved
Solved 94172 when live cd have got gparted why use gnome-disk-utility 2009-12-15 15:24:48 UTC Omer Akram Solved
Solved 93593 notification after upgrading to 9.10 that one or more harddisks report health problems 2009-12-10 15:35:11 UTC Piet van der Lugt Solved
Answered 87549 Disk Utility reports "disk has many bad sectors" 2009-10-30 19:34:11 UTC dejan Answered
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