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Answered 290090 How will apps running inside libertine scale ? 2016-04-06 19:47:06 UTC Omer Akram Libertine Answered
Answered 284595 Please enable armhf on my ppa ppa:om26er/test-packages 2016-02-04 18:34:45 UTC Omer Akram Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 250034 HP ENVY Sleekbook 14 screen brightness resets on reboot 2014-06-10 11:09:42 UTC Omer Akram Ubuntu-Certification Answered
Answered 214251 Please enable ARM in PPA of Ubuntu default onscreen keyboard 2012-11-15 10:37:17 UTC Francesco Fumanti Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 197792 It is a feature or a bug that indicator are searchable under HUD? 2012-05-19 12:03:29 UTC studentz Unity Nekhelesh Ramananthan Solved
Solved 185014 Unity MT Grab Handles plugin disappeared! 2012-01-17 10:32:11 UTC Mauro unity in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 184634 Why was the Ubuntu button moved? 2012-01-13 18:05:36 UTC Daniel Yaren Unity Answered
Solved 183808 When can we expect unity 5.0.0? 2012-01-05 11:30:59 UTC Ingo Gerth Unity Solved
Solved 181270 Release date of Unity 4.26 / SRU1 2011-12-08 12:07:09 UTC Stefan Glasenhardt Unity Solved
Solved 178315 Conpiz Config Settings manager on 11.10 2011-11-07 10:24:54 UTC Ivan Ratoyevsky unity in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 171404 why does dash scrollbar have a different behaviour from the overlay scrollbar 2011-09-16 19:31:04 UTC muyiwa Unity Solved
Answered 169262 Unity upper panel menu 2011-08-26 18:59:07 UTC ZeXx86 Unity Answered
Solved 167885 Dash remembering queries 2011-08-13 21:28:05 UTC Michal Unity Solved
Solved 166628 Being new to linux, I changed some settings using compiz and now I can't see anything but the desktop... How do I revert to prior settings or at least restore my os? 2011-07-31 22:25:56 UTC Hunter Martin compiz in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 159578 how to change theme in ~11.10? 2011-05-30 06:20:59 UTC Pavlo Bohmat Unity Answered
Solved 148598 Will it in the future be possible to minimize a window in Unity? 2011-03-10 18:02:37 UTC ubby Unity Solved
Answered 146506 Will firefox's dash icon be replaced by the default browser? 2011-02-23 03:17:38 UTC Melvin Garcia Unity Answered
Answered 144421 Will indicator-appmenu be backported to Lucid? 2011-02-07 05:36:58 UTC bitu-derr Unity Answered
Solved 139792 New Facebook status is created created with "is" automatically. How to stop this behaviour? 2011-01-01 01:53:17 UTC Carl Levick gwibber in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 138872 MSN on linux 2010-12-23 18:45:34 UTC Karen Downer empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 138662 bug ? 2010-12-21 21:31:46 UTC Devil505 Unity Answered
Solved 136521 Anyway to get Empathy 2.30.3 to show what you're listening to as a status 2010-12-03 22:00:31 UTC Scott E. Fowler empathy in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 134393 Unity on Desktop? Maverick? Lucid? 2010-11-17 11:07:26 UTC sam-c Unity Solved
Solved 134330 Why ubuntu is using the 0.2.x version when it is at 3.1.x? 2010-11-16 21:58:41 UTC Lealcy B. Junior Unity Solved
Answered 131277 some question about emapthy 2010-10-26 12:12:05 UTC jjejeje empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 131074 Msg: Disconnencted- no reason specified 2010-10-25 09:06:52 UTC Criss Margi empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 127844 video gtalk on empathy unable to connect to other computer that has windows 2010-10-03 23:54:26 UTC Bryan empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 127532 in my office how to stop using empathy . some users and all miss using internet . but officially gtalk users and no need to use . pls guide me how to 2010-10-01 07:16:40 UTC sudharsan empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 127258 i cannot online my Yahoo messanger via empathy im client, need help 2010-09-29 06:42:50 UTC susanti empathy in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 126104 I can not send messages. Base install, no upgrade 2010-09-20 06:55:24 UTC Sean M Campbell Gwibber Answered
Answered 125881 Empathy 2.30.2: "Invisible" status for GTalk shows up as "Busy" for other users 2010-09-18 10:50:07 UTC Eukaryote empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 125678 Facebook Does Not Appear in Gwibber after Authentication 2010-09-16 16:39:24 UTC Nicholas Campbell gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 123781 Twitter is releasing a new authentication method. Is Gwibber ready for it? 2010-09-02 10:48:29 UTC Sentrist Starleaf Gwibber Solved
Answered 123650 Gwibber constantly jumps back to top of list when scrolling down 2010-09-01 16:20:43 UTC Matt 6:27 gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 123222 Get no updates of tweets in Gwibber 2010-08-29 10:11:24 UTC Oliver Duerre gwibber in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 122628 no timeline from twitter 2010-08-25 00:52:31 UTC simons Gwibber Answered
Answered 122489 Changing font on Empathy 2010-08-24 05:44:44 UTC Makenna White empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 121118 Is there a PPA between stable and trunk? 2010-08-14 17:23:26 UTC Jason Heeris Gwibber Answered
Answered 120468 "Change tab" hotkey 2010-08-09 04:39:25 UTC Saemundr empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 120069 any plans for reddit support 2010-08-05 12:43:35 UTC aguy Gwibber Answered
Answered 120068 any plans for audioboo support ? 2010-08-05 12:42:31 UTC aguy Gwibber Answered
Answered 119940 twitter lists feature 2010-08-04 12:40:49 UTC Pedro Bessa gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 119853 lots of problems 2010-08-03 14:10:16 UTC dimitris Ubuntu Answered
Solved 118503 Empathy 2.30.2 having problem with audio/video conversation in yahoo account 2010-07-21 18:10:37 UTC HASHIR empathy in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 118482 automatic signon 2010-07-21 15:23:02 UTC theone964 empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 117913 empathy will not open 2010-07-16 07:47:51 UTC Peter T Butler empathy in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 117431 unabble to add FACEBOOK to Gwibber 2010-07-12 08:08:45 UTC shankar gwibber in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 117289 Maverick: Rhythmbox controls in volume indicator applet do not work correctly 2010-07-10 22:11:15 UTC LSL indicator-sound in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 117241 Where can I see the changelog of every release? 2010-07-10 12:22:54 UTC Juan Simón Gwibber Solved
Solved 117199 All accounts are blank 2010-07-09 22:51:54 UTC bergersen gwibber in Ubuntu Solved
Open 117138 RT mode twitter? 2010-07-09 13:07:25 UTC Juan Simón Gwibber Open
Solved 115884 Why can't I connect to MSN/Windows Live Messenger contacts in Empathy? 2010-06-26 21:09:28 UTC Tristram empathy in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 116825 software-center doesn't start 2010-06-24 11:12:55 UTC Luca Olioso software-center in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 113860 Is there a way to stop the scrollbar jumping to the top on a refresh? 2010-06-08 02:45:41 UTC finsprings Gwibber Answered
Answered 113847 Millatfacebook 2010-06-08 00:02:41 UTC 2nd_frozenheart gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 113221 Gwibber crashes on launch in Lucid 2010-06-02 13:33:52 UTC Ashwin Sawant gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 112857 Will Gwibber support Plurk? 2010-05-30 17:28:47 UTC Pei-lun Huang Gwibber Solved
Answered 112618 How can I add more contacts? 2010-05-28 15:52:57 UTC martincasc gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 112213 Set Empathy status as the currently playing track. 2010-05-25 14:11:59 UTC Jagan Challa empathy in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 111542 Facebook Comments 2010-05-19 04:14:32 UTC NCMyrick gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 111527 Support for HTTP(S) proxies 2010-05-19 00:28:47 UTC Derek Weber gwibber in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 111434 Notifications No Longer Pop Up 2010-05-18 08:29:27 UTC Nathaniel Dube gwibber in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 111211 unable to recognise disk 2010-05-16 10:19:20 UTC samuel loi de yun Ubuntu Solved
Answered 110570 How do you uninstall unity? 2010-05-11 09:07:39 UTC Michael Unity Answered
Solved 110150 gwibber not working 2010-05-08 07:22:46 UTC Gwibber Solved
Answered 110056 Some comments in Facebook are not shown. 2010-05-07 14:55:41 UTC Vlastimil Slinták Gwibber Answered
Answered 109703 video does not broadcast 2010-05-05 07:13:02 UTC vasilp empathy in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 109146 Posting pictures,Videos 2010-05-02 02:23:19 UTC PKRakesh gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 109138 Gwibber is not refreshing my facebook 2010-05-02 01:08:48 UTC chiao woei gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 109042 Is there a way to unfollow Twitter people using Gwibber? 2010-05-01 12:40:02 UTC Ben Rousch gwibber in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 108967 Gwibber will not work with twitter 2010-05-01 01:30:51 UTC Marina Gibson gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 108319 Problem setting up digg in Gwibbler 2010-04-24 20:55:33 UTC Peter Petersson gwibber in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 107985 Notifications Still Pop Up After Deleting People From Twitter, Facebook, 2010-04-21 02:05:43 UTC Nathaniel Dube Gwibber Answered
Solved 107405 how do i add multiple contacts to a group? 2010-04-14 16:03:44 UTC frizzle21 empathy in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 106397 UNCLAIMED Wireless Network controller [0280]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device [10ec:8172] (rev 10) -> wireless Realtek driver not installed on Toshiba Satellite L450D in Ubuntu 9.10 2010-04-03 20:44:25 UTC empathy in Ubuntu Solved
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