I can't connect / lost registration or am banned from one or more hubs or I have a problem with a rule, user, etc.. in a specific hub. Can you help me?

Created by eMTee on on 2008-04-21
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eMTee on on 2013-10-30

Sorry, but developers of DC++ do NOT have any connection with people running any hub and can't provide support about problems / rules of individual DC hubs. There are thousands of hubs out there it's impossible for us to know each single one of them.

What you can do in general :

- Talk to the hub operators

If you are banned from the hub :

- Find any contact (e-mail, etc...) to the hub crew try to ask for help there.
- Try to connect to the hub with another nick and see if it is a nickban.
- Try to connect from a different IP address (other computer) to see if it is an IPban.

Now if you can enter the hub then ask an operator to check your account / share and help you correct what's wrong with them.
It is always recommended to read and be familiar with the rules of the hubs you are logged on to avoid bans.

And again, you CAN'T get any more help of your problem here, neither from the DC++ support team nor from other forum readers!

If you are banned from a hub permanently the easiest way to solve your problem is : connect to another hub.