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Open 224667 How to change the cover of an album on noise ? 2013-03-19 19:20:44 UTC Mister Broccoli Noise Open
Answered 224381 Any intention to make Lightread functional without Google Reader? (Please?) 2013-03-15 14:52:00 UTC Joseph Lobo Lightread Answered
Answered 214213 Google Calendar 2012-11-14 22:29:33 UTC mauriciö gómez Maya Answered
Solved 156891 How can I set the line height of the source widget? 2011-05-10 14:01:32 UTC Mario César Señoranis Scribes Solved
Solved 136278 I can see configuration menu, on Accounting section, even I am using the extended view 2010-12-02 00:20:05 UTC Mario César Señoranis Odoo Addons (MOVED TO GITHUB) Solved
Solved 131901 Can't upload edited reports on OpenOffice to OpenErp V6, cause missing method on report.interface module 2010-10-30 23:26:14 UTC Mario César Señoranis Odoo Server (MOVED TO GITHUB) Solved
Solved 105621 How can I delete a Proyect of a Team that doesn't exist any more 2010-03-26 17:30:19 UTC Mario César Señoranis Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 76736 Server shutdowns while browsing in the openerp-web client 2009-07-12 03:31:20 UTC Mario César Señoranis Odoo Server (MOVED TO GITHUB) Answered
Answered 57585 Stop ubuntu from shutting dsl off on disconnect 2009-01-15 17:57:23 UTC Bruce Walton Ubuntu Answered
Answered 57574 Docky consumes screen real-estate and prevents applications from truly maximising when not autohidden 2009-01-15 16:16:00 UTC Lars Vopicka Do Answered
Answered 57512 hi to everybody.. 2009-01-15 04:41:56 UTC balakrishnan Ubuntu Answered
Answered 57391 how do I restore files accidentaly deleted by Kleansweep(I made a backup of the deleted files) 2009-01-14 04:47:21 UTC mickiw66 KleanSweep Answered
Answered 23393 I can't turn off my laptop 2008-01-29 14:50:53 UTC maria Ubuntu Answered
Solved 23387 print preview in open office calc 2008-01-29 14:15:11 UTC Leif Petersen Ubuntu Solved
Answered 23386 Will Ubuntu Tweak work with other flavours of Ubuntu? 2008-01-29 14:15:05 UTC mlauzon Ubuntu Tweak Answered
Answered 23347 Cannot mount ntfs volume (ntfs-3g) 2008-01-29 00:30:00 UTC mommaf nautilus in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 21284 Can I disable Firefox bookmark indexing? 2008-01-03 07:15:53 UTC zeltak Do Solved
Solved 20769 Change colors of pannel in gnome. 2007-12-27 07:38:46 UTC Mr. Cabana Ubuntu Solved
Answered 20690 Keyboard settings similar to international english in windows 2007-12-25 22:17:27 UTC Mr. Cabana Ubuntu Answered
Answered 20683 How do I change my graphical settings back to where they were 2007-12-25 20:26:05 UTC sirt Ubuntu Answered
Answered 20675 Display too small 2007-12-25 16:49:59 UTC David rhythmbox in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 20657 Can't use Xubuntu on my laptop 2007-12-25 05:10:42 UTC money shot Ubuntu Answered
Solved 20334 how to start up a process on bootup 2007-12-19 13:24:07 UTC rhackenb Ubuntu Solved
Answered 20324 Change the default naviagation 2007-12-19 10:04:51 UTC Lies Van Rompaey in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 20091 can not download quicktime ? requires acess key ! any help ? 2007-12-15 17:04:55 UTC iank Ubuntu Solved
Solved 20087 Why can't I use two package managers at the same time? 2007-12-15 14:54:36 UTC Michael James Ubuntu Solved
Answered 19599 Duda hardware compatible con linux ubuntu 2007-12-08 13:14:30 UTC loy4m4 Ubuntu Answered
Solved 18969 No tengo sonido en laptop Toshiba 2007-11-29 14:58:28 UTC Branchy Ubuntu Solved
Answered 18284 What is a codec ? 2007-11-20 11:15:59 UTC charleswindsor Ubuntu Answered
Solved 18256 Problemas con GNOME y Nautilus 2007-11-20 00:33:14 UTC nexuz Ubuntu Solved
Solved 18221 switch to single click activation of folders and icons 2007-11-19 15:53:49 UTC dadavima gnome-panel in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 18211 Gestor de actualizaciones trata de actualizar aplicaciones desinstaladas 2007-11-19 14:02:16 UTC perroil Ubuntu Solved
Solved 18150 Translation Support 2007-11-18 18:19:14 UTC Mario César Señoranis TaskIt Solved
Solved 17973 quiero hacer un hipervinculo (hyperlink) que apunte dentro del mismo documento. 2007-11-16 12:02:45 UTC guillermo in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 17311 Mostrar lo que escucho en Pidgin 2007-11-08 02:28:54 UTC elmateador Rhythmbox Solved
Solved 17031 al pulsar con el botón derecho sobre cualquier panel no aparece ninguna opción 2007-11-04 19:02:23 UTC porteador Ubuntu Solved
Answered 16388 Cómo leches funciona esto? 2007-10-28 10:58:30 UTC Jisakiel HD Lorean Answered
Answered 8920 insertar imagen 2007-06-28 18:42:22 UTC avilag in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 8371 How do you convert files? 2007-06-18 04:19:16 UTC adrienneadams Ubuntu Answered
Solved 8368 How to tab through to auto-complete in a cell 2007-06-18 03:03:14 UTC Tim in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 8347 Ipod instead of Ubuntu CD 2007-06-17 16:30:20 UTC Kanav Ubuntu Solved
Answered 8346 Xorg freezes after fresh Ubuntu Feisty install 2007-06-17 16:24:16 UTC Ionuț Arțăriși Ubuntu Answered
Solved 8203 Rhythmbox Cover Art Problem 2007-06-14 10:30:45 UTC Saad Bin Javed Rhythmbox Solved
Answered 7985 ¿como puedo cambiar los colores que resaltan la línea actual? 2007-06-10 19:07:21 UTC Quique gedit in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 7632 Garbled app fonts 2007-06-03 17:43:31 UTC Hank Doyle Ubuntu Answered
Answered 5170 azureus 2007-04-18 03:22:27 UTC blaze Azureus Answered
Answered 5078 How to install gnucash 2007-04-15 23:45:56 UTC Larry Bowers Ubuntu Answered
Solved 4804 Partition 2007-04-08 19:54:52 UTC poc.erau Ubuntu Solved
Solved 4803 grub did not detect Windows Media installation (ubuntu 6.06.1); can't boot windows. 2007-04-08 19:14:29 UTC clem grub in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 4778 backup to CD/DVD 2007-04-07 23:41:54 UTC Wladston Viana Ubuntu Solved
Solved 4767 Democracyplayer don't start 2007-04-07 17:25:42 UTC Mario César Señoranis democracyplayer in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 4765 setting up a video cam 2007-04-07 14:42:11 UTC geoffree GStreamer Solved
Solved 4752 wine not found in installed program list 2007-04-07 02:57:45 UTC Virgil Jones Ubuntu Solved
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