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Solved 166864 Can Lottanzb use RSS feeds available from NZB indexing providers? 2011-08-03 22:02:51 UTC Mike O'Donnell LottaNZB Solved
Solved 98842 Changed something now it's broken 2010-01-27 11:26:30 UTC Rogan LottaNZB Solved
Solved 83446 How to run at certain times of day: Scheduler 2009-09-21 17:44:25 UTC addisand LottaNZB Solved
Solved 70031 Can I install lottanzb on mac osx? 2009-05-05 13:37:45 UTC Know Brainer LottaNZB Solved
Solved 60881 Suggestion: Add a setting to prevent suspend when lottaNZB is active 2009-02-13 12:30:38 UTC bofphile LottaNZB Solved
Solved 58919 Use python-yenc? 2009-01-27 21:21:36 UTC freddy3980 LottaNZB Solved
Answered 58625 Remote server suggestion 2009-01-25 01:41:38 UTC arvidgibas LottaNZB Answered
Solved 58483 no module named core 2009-01-23 12:29:36 UTC bionicdude LottaNZB Solved
Solved 56214 I added your layman overlay and I see a version 3.1 ebuild and a 9999 ebuild. Which is the more recent, if either? Thanks for any help. 2009-01-03 08:45:51 UTC Stuff is Great LottaNZB Solved
Solved 56011 Is SSL support planned? 2009-01-01 05:29:34 UTC Naatan LottaNZB Solved
Solved 55375 Download Sticks on 99% 2008-12-24 22:10:04 UTC rpcutts LottaNZB Solved
Solved 54500 Changing working directory ? 2008-12-15 05:38:35 UTC Removed by request LottaNZB Solved
Solved 53974 new release date and a suggestion :D 2008-12-09 21:43:50 UTC rabside LottaNZB Solved
Solved 49198 can't select download folder 2008-10-27 14:37:17 UTC Lou G LottaNZB Solved
Solved 48809 Preferences menu-item is inactive / Connection mode is not saved 2008-10-23 09:32:50 UTC Tim Düllmann LottaNZB Solved
Solved 48037 Error "Could not connect to localhost. This might be due to network issues." in stand alone mode. 2008-10-15 04:18:20 UTC Old Man Jut LottaNZB Solved
Answered 44775 skipGroupCmd causing an issue 2008-09-10 21:31:25 UTC Jongi LottaNZB Answered
Solved 44653 Can't launch LottaNZB as regular user (FileLockAcquisitionError) 2008-09-09 19:09:36 UTC Jongi LottaNZB Solved
Solved 39832 Lottanzb will not run, no error messages 2008-07-21 06:49:06 UTC Ma3oxuct LottaNZB Solved
Solved 39398 LottaNZB keeps hanging at downloading/Verifying Par files 2008-07-16 11:57:44 UTC front243 LottaNZB Solved
Answered 28564 Translation probably got imported in the wrong place 2008-03-31 22:08:05 UTC Sander Tuit Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 17787 Possible to add somesort of launcher feature? 2007-11-14 01:09:53 UTC n0yd LottaNZB Answered
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