can't select download folder

Asked by Lou G on 2008-10-27

I would like to use a folder in /usr/lou/ to save all downloads but Lottanzb will not accept my selection in the 'other' option (or, I'm doing it wrong).

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Lou G (anothermoi) said : #1

Sorry, I meant home/lou/ rather than usr/lou/

Best freddy3980 (freddy3980) said : #2

The way i changed mine was by going to ~/.lottanzb and edit the hellanzb.conf file.. find # Download directory and below that put your desired download directory, mine is /home/freddy/.lottanzb/download.... that dir should be by default :)

Lou G (anothermoi) said : #3

Thanks Freddy Peralta, that solved my question.

Sander Tuit (avirulence) said : #4

Hi Freddy and Lou,

It shouldn't be necessary to do this. I guess that Severin and I will
release a beta version for LottaNZB 0.4 soon. This version doesn't really
add new features, but features a rewrite of most of the code. It probably
also replaces the code that is responsible for handling this.


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> Thanks Freddy Peralta, that solved my question.
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freddy3980 (freddy3980) said : #5

Your welcome Lou G, thanks for the heads up aVirulence....

Severin Heiniger (severinh) said : #6

Hi everyone,

as far as I remember, I also ran into problems trying to change the download destination directory some time ago. A quick test of the current development code didn't reveal any bugs. Changing the download directory worked just fine. So the bug has probably been fixed.

Rewriting huge part of the code base doesn't imply that there won't be anymore bugs to be ironed out. Some might have been fixed, but new ones are created with a few keystrokes. :-P That's why we'll need people to find those that are left.