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Answered 124336 Multiple accounts 2010-09-06 16:35:46 UTC Alessandro Bombardieri GMail Notifier Answered
Answered 111030 Configure many mail 2010-05-14 17:04:39 UTC Yoshi GMail Notifier Answered
Solved 103189 find and relace the paragraph mark in Openoffice 2010-03-04 12:08:12 UTC Dignaaga Ubuntu Solved
Solved 100241 Kaffeine: no suiltable device found (DVB-S, Skystar 2) 2010-02-07 17:10:19 UTC mauge kaffeine in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 77244 after installing ubuntu i can't hear my dvds when i play them. help 2009-07-17 02:58:23 UTC cj Ubuntu Answered
Answered 77243 after installing ubuntu i can't dvds when i play them. help 2009-07-17 02:55:57 UTC cj Ubuntu Answered
Answered 77241 Wireless 2009-07-17 02:37:30 UTC Ali Shtarbanov Ubuntu Answered
Answered 77087 ekiga is not in karmic koala, why? did you took it out? 2009-07-15 17:49:39 UTC manzur ekiga in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 67266 Where is the wiki page? 2009-04-12 20:21:03 UTC John Pugh Remote Help Assistant Solved
Solved 58229 Hi! I recently changed from Windows to Linux/Ubuntu 8.4. So my question is am I able to Instant Message, Voice Chat, use my web camera, in Gmail with my yahoo friends? Or is there any messengers that support yahoo messenger for Linux? Besides Skype, Pidgin. Thanks! 2009-01-21 06:11:41 UTC Melinda amsn in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 56906 E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report. 2009-01-09 17:05:18 UTC john dpkg in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 16552 Playing whole directories 2007-10-29 22:09:34 UTC P. Olli amarok in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 15893 In Gutsy Gibbon, URL in scribus does not launch firefox 2007-10-23 08:12:59 UTC Bill Beardsmore Ubuntu Answered
Answered 15892 In Gutsy Gibbon, URL in scribus does not launch firefox 2007-10-23 08:10:52 UTC Bill Beardsmore Ubuntu Answered
Answered 15889 Please help recover an Ubuntu installation after an upgrade attempt 2007-10-23 07:26:41 UTC alexsokol Ubuntu Answered
Solved 15885 my internet connection is not stable. 2007-10-23 06:15:24 UTC Rhyan update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 15878 I need iPod help!!! 2007-10-23 04:33:18 UTC Shreya Ubuntu Answered
Solved 15876 Low volume throughout ubuntu 2007-10-23 04:03:51 UTC Osiris2258 Ubuntu Solved
Solved 9850 How to view a VISIO file? 2007-07-16 14:12:41 UTC Uqbar Ubuntu Solved
Solved 9824 no voice at all(all solved after update the kernel) 2007-07-16 03:13:55 UTC SolomonSee Ubuntu Solved
Answered 9724 I have been unable to get a new password. 2007-07-14 14:02:44 UTC jackling Ubuntu Answered
Answered 9659 how do I eject the CD from the CD player? 2007-07-13 12:54:30 UTC jonsinger kdebase in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 9653 Installing the ddclient Perl script 2007-07-13 10:40:32 UTC massimo Ubuntu Solved
Answered 9648 grub 17 error after installing ubuntu 2007-07-13 08:31:33 UTC balaravi Ubuntu Answered
Answered 9589 user lists 2007-07-12 13:15:42 UTC massimo Ubuntu Answered
Solved 9575 I am 3 days into learning linux.What is there available to one clk a list of common text commands to copy-paste ? 2007-07-12 09:31:19 UTC Aztec13 Ubuntu Solved
Solved 9510 Xerox Document Centre 432 on Linux 2007-07-11 02:21:12 UTC george_rutkay Ubuntu Solved
Solved 7619 Connecting to Google Talk 2007-06-03 09:03:58 UTC PeeWee ekiga in Ubuntu Solved
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