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Asked by P. Olli

I'm used to upload whole music directories at once, but in Amarok I only seem to be able to only upload the actual music-files. Is there a way to enter, for example, the whole directory of one artist (more than one disc) or music style (tens or hundreds of discs)?

In other words: now I have to click on 'Engage\Play Media\(in my case:)Storage Media\My Music-disc\Name Artist\Name album" and select the files I want to listen. And I have to repeat it for each other album. In the past (in my Windows-era) I only had to select the directory-folder and I could listen for a whole day or month to new music.

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Jan-Philipp Litza
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Best Jan-Philipp Litza (jplitza) said :

It is possible to drag'n'drop a whole folder from the file manager of your choice (nautilus, konqueror, thunar) to Amarok's playlist so all the music files in it are enqueued. Also, it is possible to call Amarok from the shell with a folder as an argument:
amarok -a ~/Music/artist/
would add all music in the folder ~/Music/artist to Amarok's playlist.

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P. Olli (polli001) said :

Drag'n'drop did work fine!!!

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Anders (andersja+launchpad-net) said :

Alternatively - in Amark itself, choose the "Files" Tab on the left side (below Context, Collection etc). Right click on the folder you would like to load and select 'Load' or 'Add to playklist'. This function works recursively - e.g. if you add ~/Music/Elvis/ it will also add ~/Music/Elvis/Album1/ ~/Music/Elvis/Album2 etc..

Hope this helps.

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P. Olli (polli001) said :

Hi Anders,
your suggestion works fine, but not for the external disk drives. Amarok doesn give the option to browse the external disks.
With \Engage\Play Media\ you do get the option "Storage Media".
The 'drag'n'drop-"option Jan-Philipp Litza gave, works better.
But thanks anyhow.