Questions for Philippe Coval

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Solved 692179 Can't recieve GPG intructions by obsolete email 2020-08-02 12:44:23 UTC Philippe Coval Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 167071 Barra lateral de Unity 3d no se oculta y congela mi laptop. 2011-08-05 17:30:15 UTC Jose Alayo Berrios unity in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 157588 Opening Terminal window in natty 2011-05-15 11:56:15 UTC Lumeng Lim unity in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 107644 Unable to publish package to my PPA 2010-04-17 03:30:35 UTC Chris Irwin Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 106932 stabilize the image of a video 2010-04-09 21:35:41 UTC OpenShot Video Editor Solved
Answered 40367 I need some Installation assitance for Domno 8.5 2008-07-26 22:25:48 UTC Ken Howerton Ubuntu Answered
Answered 36589 Boot loader can't install into SD memory card successfully 2008-06-18 07:13:36 UTC tonyxu Ubuntu Answered
Solved 28694 import request: xnetcardconfig 2008-04-02 10:08:32 UTC Philippe Coval Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 28825 Cannot play radio that require Real Player or Windows Media Player 2008-03-26 02:24:30 UTC kushykush firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 27511 I cannot change the branch associated to the trunk series 2008-03-20 09:27:07 UTC David Soulayrol Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 18637 Where would I request for open source programs to be added to the repositories? I don't compile well. 2007-11-24 21:35:56 UTC airxart Ubuntu Solved
Solved 18471 firefox does not load flash content instead shows flashblock icon 2007-11-22 19:20:09 UTC nocibambi Ubuntu Solved
Solved 16560 Blender on ATI Mobility/IGP in Gutsy 2007-10-30 00:16:26 UTC BentFX blender in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 13872 How can i install step mania? 2007-09-23 16:14:00 UTC bigj130 Ubuntu Solved
Answered 2386 need an application to replace visio in linux 2006-11-09 07:40:03 UTC Kushara Ubuntu Answered
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