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Answered 137411 One time tasks, their status and handling in upstart 2010-12-11 08:56:08 UTC Seshu Reddy Cheedepudi upstart Answered
Solved 137409 Start/stop as arguments to the job 2010-12-11 08:40:25 UTC Seshu Reddy Cheedepudi upstart Solved
Answered 108560 Is copyright at intl/plural.c is GPL v3 or GPL v2 for upstart 0.6.5 ? 2010-04-27 16:45:56 UTC Alex Guirguis upstart Answered
Answered 103580 Why is --debug hidden? 2010-03-08 06:18:16 UTC Robert Ancell libnih Answered
Solved 97107 License - GPL v2 or v3 ? 2010-01-12 04:30:46 UTC Guillaume Giroux libnih Solved
Answered 85255 same dance different partner/music/ -- "runlevel" vs. "role" vs. "profile" 2009-10-09 00:11:56 UTC SaintDanBert upstart Answered
Answered 85251 howto -- comment on 'blueprint' item 2009-10-08 23:52:21 UTC SaintDanBert upstart Answered
Answered 85247 upstart as the 'init' executable 2009-10-08 23:19:36 UTC SaintDanBert upstart Answered
Answered 85245 upstart, runlevels and "make files" 2009-10-08 23:12:38 UTC SaintDanBert upstart Answered
Solved 83979 Is it possible to create a upstart job that would run _before_ specific job 2009-09-27 03:09:44 UTC Maxim Levitsky upstart Solved
Answered 83223 Start on when? 2009-09-19 02:34:35 UTC Scott upstart Answered
Answered 82225 When will a released fix get to me? 2009-09-08 11:50:59 UTC Steve Kroon upstart Answered
Answered 79149 "start on started" works when manually starting primary job, but not on booting 2009-08-04 19:42:30 UTC Mark Rose upstart Answered
Answered 78337 How does setting the hwclock work in Ubuntu? 2009-07-27 21:34:19 UTC Hanno util-linux in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 75890 How to reduce the Upstart size? 2009-07-02 11:13:24 UTC bottlegroup upstart Solved
Solved 75416 How to get a tty to respawn x number of times then pauses y number of seconds then repeat. 2009-06-26 17:30:20 UTC nbschock upstart Solved
Solved 75398 upstart process states 2009-06-26 14:03:53 UTC bwm71 upstart Solved
Answered 73113 upstart script to wait till another rc?.d script to execute 2009-06-03 10:34:50 UTC Vinay Kalkoti upstart Answered
Solved 72645 what is teh DELETED state? 2009-05-29 12:16:03 UTC Alex Nekrasov upstart Solved
Answered 72597 How to start tasks after login and start of X 2009-05-28 21:46:24 UTC Mahesh Asolkar upstart Answered
Solved 72452 0.3.8 init state machine broken? 2009-05-27 14:57:13 UTC Alex Nekrasov upstart Solved
Answered 70830 Using Upstart+???? to monitor interfaces 2009-05-11 22:11:02 UTC Kevin Fries upstart Answered
Answered 70827 Using Upstart w/o upstart-compat-sysv 2009-05-11 21:53:15 UTC Kevin Fries upstart Answered
Answered 70496 How do I pass a variable between scripts? 2009-05-09 01:02:11 UTC Keepiru upstart Answered
Answered 70439 how does one add a stanza to be executed on job failure, or does one need a separate job for this situation? 2009-05-08 16:13:11 UTC Whit Armstrong upstart Answered
Solved 70039 reboot on init panic instead of restart 2009-05-05 14:49:20 UTC Alex Nekrasov upstart Solved
Solved 67676 initctl stop doesn't kill post-start? 2009-04-16 16:27:44 UTC Alex Nekrasov upstart Solved
Solved 65325 stop on starting rc6 or starting rc0 2009-03-25 16:05:30 UTC Ivan Gromov upstart Solved
Solved 64547 internal upstart logs 2009-03-18 15:52:45 UTC Ivan Gromov upstart Solved
Answered 62972 Can I and should I use Upstart to call script when USB drive is inserted? 2009-03-03 18:11:29 UTC John upstart Answered
Answered 62813 Will upstart service information be incorporated into gnome system monitor? 2009-03-02 07:56:33 UTC Benjamin Carlyle upstart Answered
Solved 60894 a "task" in Upstart 0.3.8? 2009-02-13 14:58:47 UTC Alex Nekrasov upstart Solved
Solved 60891 detect which event started/stopped me 2009-02-13 14:22:43 UTC Alex Nekrasov upstart Solved
Solved 60729 how to detect stopping reason in post-stop? 2009-02-12 10:13:07 UTC Alex Nekrasov upstart Solved
Solved 56351 upstart/inittab question - how do i start system to a specific tty, let's say tty4? 2009-01-04 21:39:30 UTC digitalage upstart Solved
Answered 55160 Can't moderate waiting message 2008-12-22 11:04:04 UTC Scott James Remnant (Canonical) Launchpad itself Barry Warsaw Answered
Solved 48673 "source" a file 2008-10-21 21:09:37 UTC Jeff Oliver upstart Solved
Solved 46662 recognizing a job on Ubuntu 8.04.1 2008-09-29 13:04:20 UTC Adam Monsen upstart Solved
Answered 42921 understanding respawn limit 2008-08-22 23:24:35 UTC Sandeep upstart Answered
Answered 41942 shutdown -F Option 2008-08-12 03:02:08 UTC thebomani upstart Answered
Solved 38410 portmap daemon is started two times 2008-07-06 21:53:40 UTC Ricardo upstart Solved
Answered 28435 does reboot update wtmp? 2008-03-30 16:33:31 UTC Ivars Strazdiņš upstart Answered
Answered 24448 High Availability Clustering Aspirations? 2008-02-12 06:07:08 UTC fuzzyBSc upstart Answered
Answered 24447 Watchdog support for services? 2008-02-12 06:03:45 UTC fuzzyBSc upstart Answered
Answered 24028 shutdown comments 2008-02-06 16:07:26 UTC aburow upstart Answered
Solved 22513 Scripts in something other than sh? 2008-01-19 04:51:43 UTC MS upstart Solved
Solved 9100 Will Gutsy still use the /etc/rc?.d directories 2007-07-02 18:02:49 UTC Mark Sobell upstart Solved
Solved 8142 Urgent Reply 2007-06-13 09:04:22 UTC Usman.M upstart Solved
Solved 7651 request for clarification of console stanza 2007-06-04 05:14:11 UTC Kevin Shelton upstart Solved
Solved 7377 How to tell upstart the number of ttys to start? 2007-05-29 14:39:05 UTC rkat upstart Solved
Solved 7176 RPM build root location different from intended install location 2007-05-25 18:20:26 UTC Jordan Rhody upstart Solved
Solved 6141 How to make a persistant debug output? 2007-05-05 12:48:13 UTC Roland Wolters upstart Solved
Solved 6093 non-graphic login with upstart? 2007-05-04 09:34:37 UTC Arnold Robbins upstart Solved
Solved 5219 When will user services will be avaible ? 2007-04-19 09:34:24 UTC Mildred upstart Solved
Solved 4779 Error: must be installed in directory ending in /usr/local/lib 2007-04-08 00:45:01 UTC T. C. Gibian upstart Solved
Solved 4557 Children of scripts don't stop 2007-04-02 19:25:48 UTC Quentin Stafford-Fraser upstart Solved
Answered 4104 (duckie) please remove incorrect version from product 2007-03-09 21:28:50 UTC Scott James Remnant (Canonical) Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 4087 disable an event.d entry? 2007-03-08 22:30:06 UTC paul fox upstart Answered
Solved 2644 Cannot de-register initctl items even when file no-longer exists 2006-11-30 00:28:40 UTC Juzzie upstart Solved
Solved 2225 Password prompt for encrypted partition during init 2006-10-28 15:24:11 UTC Frank Siegert upstart Scott James Remnant (Canonical) Solved
Solved 1984 inittab replacement? 2006-10-05 21:58:17 UTC MG55 upstart Scott James Remnant (Canonical) Solved
Solved 1059 Scanner permissions. 2006-06-17 09:28:55 UTC Toma sane-frontends in Ubuntu Solved
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