upstart/inittab question - how do i start system to a specific tty, let's say tty4?

Asked by digitalage on 2009-01-04


I use Ubuntu 7.04 (feisty) and I'd like to have it start automatically into tty4 (default is tty1). Is this possible?

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Scott James Remnant (Canonical)
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Try adding "chvt 4" to the end of /etc/rc.local ?

digitalage (iulmit) said : #2

This is great, it's all I needed for my custom setup! Thank you, Scott.

I still need some help and I don't know if it it's the place here, thou' it's related (/due) to the change of inittab with upstart, and people might find it usable when searching like me all over the internet. I'm looking of a way to have a clean boot up process, in terms of displaying.

First issue: In console, I need to disable the timeout of when the screen becomes blank. I tried changing BLANK_TIME=0 and POWERDOWN_TIME=0 (BLANK_DPMS=on) in /etc/console-tools/config with no success, the screen becomes blank again after a few minutes if no keyboard activity.

Second: When installing ubuntu server edition, the processes are displayed nice and at the end it comes the command prompt login. After installing applications (servers/daemons), everything gets messy: newer applications show up on the screen after the command prompt login, and some of them are not displayed arranged each on one line, some are arranged one after another and no lines between. First, I want to have all processes started before the command prompt appears. Secondly, I wish there is a simple way to arrange them one at a line as it suppose to be, and correct what developers didn't finish when compiled the source for this distribution. Let's say, a config file which allow me to add a new line before a process is displayed during boot, only for the processes I need (in /etc/init.d/ directory). Is this possible?

There's also cases when some processes need longer time to start. In this case I'd like to choose not to have it displayed on boot (i.e. "process started") before command prompt login show up, but send this information to the log as a notification so that I know if it started if I need to check that later.

I wish I know if it's possible to make all these changes in config files without changing the startup scripts of processes in /etc/init.d/, so that I can easily take the config files to other machines.

You should probably file these questions as support requests against Ubuntu

digitalage (iulmit) said : #4

Thanks Scott James Remnant, that solved my question.

digitalage (iulmit) said : #5

I opened thread, but it's still poor on answers. If anyone more experienced with upstart read this, please come to ubuntuforums and share your knowledge. Thanks!