Questions for vergarr

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Answered 267280 "gpgv: Can't check signature: public key not found" inside build 2015-05-23 05:23:55 UTC Jesse Victors Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 175504 Need new location of emails saved to computer with evolution. 2011-10-20 23:19:22 UTC vergarr evolution in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 51980 gcc linking stdlib? 2008-11-20 08:37:15 UTC vergarr gcc-defaults in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 51417 MS Sidewinder GamePad Pro stopped working after upgrade to Ibex 2008-11-15 09:04:55 UTC vergarr Ubuntu Solved
Solved 51319 cannot compile with ncurses 2008-11-14 10:37:39 UTC vergarr ncurses in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 43614 maximizing use of reformated external HD 2008-08-30 09:11:36 UTC vergarr Ubuntu Solved
Solved 35329 virtual terminals (CTRL+ALT+F#) won't work 2008-06-05 09:21:26 UTC vergarr Ubuntu Solved
Solved 33544 Evolution not collecting from GMail 2008-05-19 08:49:15 UTC Ampers evolution in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 29672 I need help logging into Unbuntu 2008-04-13 05:40:57 UTC Mike_inadtv Ubuntu Answered
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