Questions for Martin Packman

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Solved 218961 PPA build with recipe: bzr: ERROR: exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character 2013-01-11 16:25:56 UTC Attila Hammer Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 218316 Unable to connect to SSH host; [Error 2] 2013-01-04 17:04:17 UTC plroit Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 216485 How do I know which branche I'm in ? 2012-12-11 08:25:50 UTC yacine chaouche Bazaar Solved
Answered 216417 Permission denied (publickey). ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying Permission denied (publickey). bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if pr 2012-12-10 15:47:09 UTC Oliver Isika Munyao Bazaar Answered
Solved 213414 How to change the Bazaar repository to "no-trees" 2012-11-06 08:13:59 UTC Vijaya Kumar Bazaar Solved
Answered 209652 Add PPA dependencies in bzr-builder 2012-09-26 18:47:15 UTC Adrián Arroyo Calle Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 207802 "Updating Branch" stuck for days/weeks 2012-09-05 23:35:25 UTC Stewart Smith Launchpad itself William Grant Answered
Answered 207231 Launchpad couldn't import from Bugzilla 2012-08-30 00:32:03 UTC Marco Biscaro Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 206280 Bug not being updated by link to 2012-08-19 20:14:30 UTC dg1727 Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 205696 what is an "active branch"? 2012-08-13 13:27:04 UTC Alexandre Fayolle - camptocamp Bazaar Answered
Solved 205465 Colocated branches transparent for users 2012-08-10 08:47:11 UTC Radoslaw Grzanka Bazaar Solved
Answered 205463 bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist 2012-08-09 23:51:01 UTC Abdul Rauf Bazaar Answered
Answered 205318 How to backup only local changes of tree-less repo? 2012-08-08 16:41:10 UTC Dimitrios Apostolou Bazaar Answered
Solved 205152 Use an already registered lp name 2012-08-06 16:45:03 UTC Pedro Villavicencio Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 205129 Merging accounts failed 2012-08-06 11:36:53 UTC Thomas Dreibholz Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 205127 unsafe (or not-the-ubuntu-way) command in the ppa install howto 2012-08-06 09:12:26 UTC Achim Behrens Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 205103 Why aren't commits to this Git repository showing up in a branch? 2012-08-06 00:36:39 UTC Nathan Osman Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 205095 Launchpad couldn't import a bug from Debian Bug tracker 2012-08-05 20:46:12 UTC Bob Bib Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 204952 Please appoint Icelandic translators team to Launchpad Translators translation group 2012-08-03 20:20:24 UTC Sveinn í Felli Launchpad itself Answered
Answered 204687 Checkout Specific Version in Merge Conflict 2012-07-31 17:09:11 UTC Jon Wadsworth Bazaar Answered
Answered 201674 Running bzr on Windows CMD as Administrator causes "Internal error" 2012-06-27 23:53:14 UTC Vy Nguyen Bazaar Answered
Solved 200576 PPA build with recipe: bzr: ERROR: exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character 2012-06-15 22:38:46 UTC Dominique Lasserre Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 200561 Cant create a branch for calibre 2012-06-15 17:52:31 UTC David E Resnick Bazaar Solved
Solved 200316 can't do bzr push lp:lge 2012-06-13 13:36:05 UTC leanid chaika Bazaar Solved
Answered 200307 Not able to merge branch. 2012-06-13 13:11:41 UTC Vivek poddar Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 200047 Problem with dput 2012-06-10 18:06:02 UTC Adrián Arroyo Calle Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 197450 Source dependency being satisfied with unwanted newer version 2012-05-16 11:20:44 UTC Trevor North Launchpad itself Solved
Answered 196441 Setting external mergetool command throws errors 2012-05-08 03:49:56 UTC Simone Manganelli Bazaar Answered
Solved 192656 bzr: ERROR: Connection closed 2012-04-04 16:34:03 UTC Simen Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 191030 can't connection to bazaar 2012-03-18 12:31:58 UTC Alexander Wolf Bazaar Solved
Solved 190534 please rename project 2012-03-13 09:38:00 UTC Jelmer Vernooij Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 187850 how to use working tree ignores in windows 2012-02-15 15:34:07 UTC Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi Bazaar Solved
Open 187842 bzr: ERROR: da15e8553fc8b356d836c78b0eff5e65.iix is not an index of type <class 'bzrlib.index.GraphIndex'> 2012-02-15 14:26:03 UTC Erik Heeren Bazaar Open
Solved 187261 Run command: bzr push - [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'/root/.bazaar/locations.conf 2012-02-09 05:26:24 UTC Vijaya Kumar Bazaar Solved
Answered 186648 Bazaar Explorer does not open 2012-02-02 20:27:14 UTC Brian Cox Bazaar Explorer Answered
Solved 183248 folder and repo structure 2011-12-29 21:24:08 UTC Mathieu Schiffmann Bazaar Solved
Solved 182160 'bzr pull' does not see new commits 2011-12-16 22:50:51 UTC Lewis Neal Bazaar Solved
Answered 181798 How to configure Bazaar Explorer ( windows ) to explicity use PuTTy? 2011-12-13 19:15:46 UTC DjW Bazaar Explorer Answered
Answered 181488 bzr: out of memory 2011-12-10 11:27:49 UTC Lewis Neal Bazaar Answered
Answered 180606 Broken installation on Mac Darwin-10.8.0 2011-12-01 10:37:46 UTC Carsten Ungermann Bazaar Answered
Solved 179852 Password authentication issue 2011-11-24 09:25:04 UTC Ubuntu Solved
Solved 179515 Out of memory when trying to commit 2011-11-21 12:27:12 UTC Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi Bazaar Solved
Solved 178102 Bazaar Smart server setup falied in Linux 2011-11-09 02:38:04 UTC Vijaya Kumar Bazaar Solved
Answered 177045 bzr: ERROR: [Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host 2011-10-31 23:48:09 UTC nataly nanda huanca patzi Bazaar Answered
Solved 175278 Python based silent installer, how to? 2011-10-19 15:56:33 UTC Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi Bazaar Solved
Answered 175127 BZR Problem-- out of memory with pull 2011-10-18 18:29:26 UTC mdb Bazaar Answered
Solved 174004 ImportError trying to load 2011-10-11 16:14:47 UTC Smonff Bazaar Solved
Solved 158478 Connection Closed: Unexpected end of message 2011-05-21 20:27:15 UTC xaav Bazaar Solved
Solved 134032 Impossible to use bzr 2010-11-14 17:05:17 UTC Fabio Marconi bzr in Ubuntu Solved
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