Setting external mergetool command throws errors

Asked by Simone Manganelli on 2012-05-08

As detailed in the bazaar 2.5 docs (, I'm trying to set bzr to use an external merge tool. I have bzr 2.5 installed, and no plugins.

I'm using the following commands to set the default mergetool, as well as the mergetool command:

bzr config --scope=bazaar bzr.default_mergetool=MyCoolMergeTool
bzr config --scope=bazaar bzr.mergetool.MyCoolMergeTool="mycoolmergetool --wait \"{this}\" \"{other}\" \"{result}\" \"{base}\""

Both commands seem to succeed, but when I read the second config setting back using the following command:

bzr config bzr.mergetool.MyCoolMergeTool --scope=bazaar

I get the following error:

bzr: ERROR: Option this is not defined while expanding "'mycoolmergetool --wait "{this}" "{other}" "{result}" "{base}"'".

Why? The docs specifically say that {this} should be expandable to the actual path when bazaar invokes my tool.

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Martin Packman (gz) said : #1

As discussed on IRC, this is a regression in bzr 2.5.0, see the linked bug entry.

Simone Manganelli (simsimbean) said : #2

It looks like this problem isn't as bad as it seems to be. While reading the mergetool *config* generates an error, actually *using* the mergetool doesn't.

As stated previously, I had no plugins installed. After scouring the documentation and the internets, it seems that qbzr is required in order to actually launch the merge tool. So I installed the qbzr plugin.

Then, I got the current branch into a state where conflicts needed resolving. I issued the `bzr qconflicts` command to launch the qconflicts tool. The qconflicts tool shows a list of conflicts and merge tools. My merge tool shows up properly in the merge tool list. Selecting the appropriate file and my merge tool and then pressing the "Launch..." button correctly launches my external config tool with the command I used to set it up.

Martin Packman (gz) said : #3

So, in summary, the merge tools itself works but the `bzr config` command is confused.

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