Questions for Tyrone Hills

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Answered 246482 Video Upload details such as Place of origination IP and location 2014-04-03 20:35:27 UTC Tyrone Hills netqmail in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 244920 How can I install SANE for my scanner PIXMA Cannon 360 2014-03-03 21:26:35 UTC Tyrone Hills netqmail in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 242929 How can I re position the sidebar. If so can I get a link to a Wiki? 2014-01-28 21:11:27 UTC Tyrone Hills gnome-terminal in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 240675 I'm getting an error message that says The disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or present. I have a new laptop! 2013-12-12 07:25:56 UTC Tyrone Hills Ubuntu Solved
Solved 239800 DVD Player not recognized 2013-11-25 20:19:19 UTC Tyrone Hills update-manager in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 238579 Ubuntu Update Manaeger will not load. I use the tweak app and I must have deleted the wrong files? 2013-11-03 20:45:21 UTC Tyrone Hills Ubuntu Solved
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