Questions for Susan Cragin

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Answered 200540 unity cannot create items for user-installed programs by itself and gnome-desktop-item add function crashes 2012-06-15 13:12:05 UTC Susan Cragin unity in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 24076 screen resolution xorg asus 2008-02-07 02:51:19 UTC Susan Cragin Ubuntu Studio Answered
Answered 12290 using apport when program does not run properly but does not crash either 2007-08-27 11:22:30 UTC Susan Cragin Apport Answered
Solved 10224 Howto create a table of contents 2007-07-23 13:27:14 UTC Humbert in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 1643 Difficulty connecting to the net through a wireless network 2006-08-29 16:29:16 UTC James Gillum Ubuntu Answered
Answered 1447 Large files do not copy from disk to hard drive in Edgy 2006-08-10 17:16:25 UTC Susan Cragin Ubuntu Answered
Answered 904 wireless with Belkin G+ PCMCIA card 2006-05-14 14:18:17 UTC Susan Cragin Ubuntu Answered
Answered 554 Something like Outlook Today 2006-03-19 16:37:08 UTC Renze Feitsma evolution in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 420 Bibliography database 2006-02-27 16:51:13 UTC Arantza openoffice.org2 in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 410 ATI Radeon X700 AGP 2006-02-26 00:06:42 UTC Chokes Ubuntu Solved
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