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Answered 57105 Firestarter will not schare connection over wireless - wlan0 is not ready 2009-01-11 18:34:26 UTC jamiehay firestarter in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 57077 Ready to cry.. seriously - Intrepid and Wireless ICS 2009-01-11 15:37:32 UTC jamiehay Ubuntu Answered
Solved 27836 email permanent delete in Evolution 2008-03-24 07:31:59 UTC Peter Hurst Ubuntu Solved
Solved 27792 getting error in evolution: RCPT TO <xxxx> failed: unknown or illegal alias: xxxx 2008-03-23 20:06:00 UTC skim evolution in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 27627 can´t connect to a wireless router 2008-03-21 17:17:10 UTC candremdasilva Ubuntu Solved
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