Questions for Gert Kulyk

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Solved 26210 Why is Emulate3Buttons enabled by default? 2008-03-03 17:13:16 UTC Fred Ubuntu Solved
Solved 25829 OO's Sun Report Builder extension not running 2008-02-28 11:53:03 UTC asanchez in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 25989 Path not included in links 2008-02-27 15:17:48 UTC Fred Ubuntu Solved
Answered 1072 Totem won't play media 2006-06-19 05:42:38 UTC Mike Cummings totem in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 1027 Firefox can't access file /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html which seems to exist 2006-06-10 13:49:04 UTC mayne firefox in Ubuntu Answered
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