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Solved 171173 per account settings 2011-09-14 22:13:20 UTC dayf Unity Mail Solved
Answered 154408 network traffic 2011-04-27 10:02:21 UTC dayf Indicator Sysmonitor Answered
Solved 153249 Drag and drop across applications 2011-04-18 07:56:41 UTC dayf Unity Solved
Solved 153028 Test connection downloading all headers? 2011-04-16 08:28:13 UTC dayf Popper Solved
Answered 152904 Is there any way to show the felt air temperature ("feels like...")? 2011-04-15 04:33:47 UTC Roberto Cássio Jr. Weather Indicator Answered
Answered 151942 System monitor applet back in the panel in Unity (as an indicator) ? 2011-04-07 04:20:01 UTC Nicolas Toniazzi gnome-system-monitor in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 136436 option to install pending updates before shutdown 2010-12-03 08:38:16 UTC dayf indicator-session in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 118156 option to set video to original size 2010-07-18 21:19:11 UTC dayf Me TV Solved
Answered 112930 How to add a possibility to change channels using mouse scroll wheel 2010-05-31 11:14:30 UTC Mantas Kriaučiūnas Me TV Answered
Solved 100223 mouse gestures on tray icon 2010-02-07 13:40:53 UTC dayf Exaile Solved
Solved 100222 Scrollbar vs Progressbar for current track position 2010-02-07 13:37:33 UTC dayf Exaile Solved
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