Questions for xulrunner-1.9 in Ubuntu

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Answered 84228 how to enable java in web browser 2009-09-29 14:28:21 UTC carolyn crownover Answered
Answered 59248 Firefox crashing on and 2009-01-30 16:58:58 UTC Roz84 Answered
Answered 35246 How to upload? 2008-06-04 12:03:16 UTC Gheyret T.Kenji Answered
Solved 34596 How come Firefox was removed during partial upgrade, when using udate? 2008-05-29 14:24:40 UTC Robert Mills Solved
Solved 26483 Which regxpcom binary should be used to register components for firefox-3.0b*? 2008-03-06 22:37:16 UTC Charles Duffy (M1) Solved
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