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Answered 693452 Why Amule is not on 20.04 but it's on 20.10? 2020-10-13 21:26:41 UTC John McLovin Answered
Answered 689504 Not packaged in Focal 2020-03-26 08:34:37 UTC Dan Cooper Answered
Solved 590920 Backport to 16.04LTS? 2017-03-25 09:36:33 UTC Snorre Selmer Solved
Solved 170139 I have installed aMule for my music provider. And I'm have trouble setting it up. Can any body help out on this? 2011-09-04 21:36:01 UTC oocevin Solved
Answered 124103 Why aMule is still in the X11 directory ? 2010-09-04 17:00:48 UTC Peter Chen Answered
Solved 89324 How to setup amuled to start at boot? 2009-11-09 11:48:36 UTC ZioNemo Solved
Answered 85680 how to open port on a firewall to get high id on amule 2009-10-13 10:53:49 UTC ricardg Answered
Open 53919 Why doesn't uPnP ever work in aMule? 2008-12-09 06:06:40 UTC Endolith Open
Solved 25577 amule show not connected 2008-02-25 11:38:29 UTC tarekmelmasry Solved
Answered 25114 aMule fails to connect 2007-11-12 01:34:42 UTC mustafa eric Answered
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