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Solved 267627 The behavior of Unity global menubar for Firefox 2015-06-01 07:18:43 UTC Lester Carballo PĂ©rez Solved
Solved 204949 thunderbird count of new messages and launcher fails 2012-08-03 20:00:55 UTC Rick Curry Solved
Answered 200848 how to enable on different versions of firefox? 2012-06-19 05:17:48 UTC Mihai Answered
Solved 187269 Menu Bar not integrated after disabling and enabling again 2012-02-09 06:52:26 UTC mad martian Solved
Answered 167088 Global Menu Bar integration add-on Bookmark problem 2011-08-05 20:25:24 UTC CranberryKid Answered
Answered 156209 Cannot add button's to the menu bar when this extension is enabled 2011-05-06 01:59:01 UTC doug white Answered
Solved 154218 How to build? 2011-04-25 19:54:39 UTC arno_b Solved
Solved 150799 Kubuntu/Kde integration 2011-03-28 18:26:21 UTC davorao Solved
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