I've just upgraded to the newest version of DC++. Now I can't connect / search / download. What happened?

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First of all : it is UNLIKELY that a release version of DC++ is unable to download or connect to hubs, etc... Before you complain or switch back to the older version you have just upgraded from, check the following :

1. Check your software firewall settings

The most probable reason is that your software firewall blocks the new version of DC++. You must check and >reset< (delete completley and readd) the exceptions for DC++ in the firewall software. Follow this FAQ how to do this (read it even if you think you don't have software firewall installed) : http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/webhelp/faq_unblock.html

2. Make sure Automatic Connectivity Setup is enabled

Most time the newest DC++ is able to set up your connection automatically. To make sure this function enabled, open File menu / Settings / Connection Settings pane and make sure the 'Enable automatic connectivity setup' box is checked.
Right there in the same panel you can press the 'Detect now' button and examine the detection log, which can provide useful information about the current setup, settings and possible problems.

3. Check for different versions of DC++ possibly running at the same time

Check if no multiple versions of DC++ or any other program are running at the same time, occupying the same ports. You can see this in the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager. You can suspect this problem if you get 'Unable to open ports' or similar error when you start your freshly upgraded DC++.

4. Try to set up your connection manually

Follow: http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/webhelp/faq_connection.html

5. Set passive mode as a last resort
Open File menu / Settings / Connection Settings pane and uncheck the 'Enable automatic connectivity setup' box.
Select the 'Passive mode (last resort - has serious limitations)' setting below. This will result limited connectivity though (some users may connectable some are not).

Advice about retard hubs not allowing the latest version of DC++

Do not complain here if any of your good old favorite hubs won't let you in / ban you after you upgraded DC++. Read carefully the error message you get from the hub. Keep in mind that developers of DC++ do NOT have any connection with people running any hub and can't give support about problems / rules of individual hubs.

A good advice from our former team member:
[quote mikejj]
If the latest official version of DC++ is "illegal" in a hub, then the owners / op's are retards and that hub doesn't deserve to exist. Forget about it. Find a hub which isn't ran by idiots.

So try to log on to more hubs you may find even better ones! =)