Questions for Felipe Figueiredo

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Answered 658812 Is there a way to get Removable Drives icons in ubuntu dock? 2017-09-30 23:00:51 UTC Felipe Figueiredo gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 49055 How can I reset the clock applet configuration? 2008-10-26 00:57:33 UTC Felipe Figueiredo tzdata in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 35257 What is the difference between nvidia-glx-new and nvidia-glx-new-envy? 2008-06-04 13:56:31 UTC Felipe Figueiredo linux-restricted-modules-envy-2.6.24 in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 10316 strange font behaviour 2007-07-24 20:29:44 UTC Felipe Figueiredo evince in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 9263 How to recover boot information in usplash as in Dapper? 2007-07-05 23:45:38 UTC Felipe Figueiredo Ubuntu Solved
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