Questions for Ermac

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Answered 59325 This comes on my update manager. 2009-01-31 07:09:47 UTC 2009-01-31 Ermac update-manager in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 41002 I want banshee 1.2. 2008-08-02 04:33:00 UTC 2008-08-02 Ermac banshee in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 40963 I want to File share. 2008-08-01 18:06:07 UTC 2008-08-01 Ermac samba in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 36690 Well i have a friend that is using a MAc right now-but is not the new OS but the old one. 2008-06-19 01:24:33 UTC 2008-06-19 Ermac Ubuntu Solved
Answered 34751 How can i Get Emerald theme Manager to work? 2008-05-30 23:05:29 UTC 2008-05-30 Ermac alacarte in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 34745 There is no sound on Firefox Broswer.-how can i get the Emerald theme Manager. 2008-05-30 21:59:56 UTC 2008-05-30 Ermac alacarte in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 33349 Fire fox Crashes every time i press on Videos such from youtube and other sites. 2008-05-17 05:10:18 UTC 2008-05-17 Ermac firefox in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 33111 Well I trying to Wacth Videos on my Broswer but no sound comes out. And Also i wish to Re-install Ubuntu 2008-05-14 20:08:13 UTC 2008-05-14 Ermac firefox-3.0 in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 31927 When i reboot my system. 2008-05-04 05:05:27 UTC 2008-05-04 Ermac Ubuntu Solved
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