Questions for DBR (OpenERP)

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Answered 149296 Production Lot - MRP Opearation 2011-03-14 15:42:15 UTC laxman patil Odoo Addons (MOVED TO GITHUB) Answered
Solved 147492 Setting Default value for a field 2011-03-02 09:59:22 UTC Pavithra Odoo Web Client Solved
Answered 144549 if system language is set in a different langage than the application, language mismatch 2011-02-07 10:26:06 UTC Fabrice Flore-Thebault Odoo GTK Client (MOVED TO GITHUB) Answered
Answered 144965 [trunk] on_change not passing ids 2011-02-05 04:20:56 UTC John B Odoo GTK Client (MOVED TO GITHUB) Answered
Solved 140365 Saving Much Product on Sale Order Lines in One Single Click 2011-01-06 07:49:36 UTC Whisnu Odoo Addons (MOVED TO GITHUB) Solved
Answered 139725 Problem creating action XML report 2010-12-30 17:32:29 UTC Nicola Riolini - Micronaet Odoo Web Client Answered
Answered 135275 [WISH]sidebar, allow to hide item on context 2010-11-23 21:45:11 UTC Serge Odoo Web Client Answered
Answered 137748 The function "Write" after new o2m record don't update form and don't be saved 2010-10-08 08:22:21 UTC David Diz Odoo Web Client Answered
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