Questions for rsyslog in Ubuntu

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Solved 688259 How to set rate limit of syslog? 2020-01-26 14:31:33 UTC Xidorn Quan Solved
Solved 674652 Tls connection for Rsyslog not listening in any port 2018-10-04 06:06:12 UTC Harish Solved
Answered 234836 Ubuntu official repository has a very old version of rsyslog 5.8.11 2013-08-29 10:46:29 UTC Jaan Angerpikk Answered
Solved 225871 rsyslog not fully installed 2013-04-04 14:45:08 UTC Michael Hipp Solved
Answered 213957 why there is no newer version of rsyslog available as a package 2012-11-12 06:28:27 UTC David Answered
Open 187749 Ubuntu 10.04.03LTS rsyslog stopped by lightweight 2012-02-14 16:48:55 UTC George Van Tuyl Open
Answered 117862 rsyslog filling disk with errors 2010-07-15 18:35:41 UTC Bill Elswick Answered
Answered 95653 apt-get and rsyslog 2009-12-30 12:54:22 UTC martino Answered
Solved 93572 please update to v5.2.0(stable) 2009-12-10 12:01:16 UTC step5 Solved
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