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Open 707767 homedir creation is broken with sssd 2023-08-28 16:14:58 UTC Virginie Trinite Open
Solved 706672 package libpam-modules 1.3.1-5ubuntu4.6 failed to install/upgrade: new libpam-modules:amd64 package pre-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 2 2023-05-17 07:09:35 UTC Farrokh GHAMSARY Solved
Answered 702186 How to pass successfully login count from pam module. 2022-06-15 11:21:45 UTC Asghar Answered
Solved 684009 ImportError: cannot import name host 2019-09-18 08:40:17 UTC santosh Solved
Solved 683184 installed cdrtool package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1 2019-08-23 04:55:56 UTC santosh Solved
Answered 681646 libpam-modules 1.3.1 release 2019-06-27 11:49:16 UTC Domotz Ubuntu Core Answered
Answered 201709 with wrong pam_environment unable to login 2012-06-28 11:45:58 UTC tigerswing2 Answered
Answered 199133 Minimum Password Length 2012-06-01 21:19:00 UTC Tony Answered
Solved 179467 dpkg configure libpam-runtime segmentation fault 2011-11-20 22:51:53 UTC Ken Koch Solved
Open 159345 ~/.pam_environment and variable values with spaces 2011-05-28 05:15:53 UTC Andrey Bondarenko Open
Solved 131948 how do i turn off the password complexity check? 2010-10-31 09:44:26 UTC firebird Solved
Answered 118570 How to force the local users to put complex password while they are login in 2010-07-22 08:58:29 UTC Jayantho Sahoo Answered
Answered 106002 password change is ignored for administration 2010-03-30 14:44:02 UTC Sylvestra Answered
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