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Answered 694214 How to add program to Ubuntu Software graphical frontend? 2020-11-27 12:38:09 UTC Michal Maňas Answered
Answered 227440 GraphView plugins failed to load on precise need to install python-pygoocanvas 2013-04-25 13:18:25 UTC Magellan Cruz Answered
Solved 187473 Where the new translations of GRAMPS? I want to translate it to Turkisch. Thanks. 2012-02-11 09:38:58 UTC Utku BERBEROĞLU Solved
Answered 150444 gramps 3.2.5 in Ubuntu 2011-03-25 15:46:28 UTC Paul Franklin (Ubuntu) Answered
Solved 139989 Gramps only runs in terminal 2011-01-03 09:29:11 UTC normj Solved
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