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Solved 198738 How to uninstall all the theme in Ubuntu 12.04 2012-05-29 06:30:37 UTC Rohith Kumar Solved
Solved 197787 was in appearance preferences and see this( This theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme engine 'ubuntulooks' is not installed. can you tell me how to install it? 2012-05-19 09:48:07 UTC Bob Solved
Solved 180101 How to change themes in ubuntu 11.10? 2011-11-26 21:10:53 UTC Leandro da Fontoura Lopes Lobao dos Santos Solved
Solved 175034 Bisigi Themes for Oneiric 2011-10-18 04:58:18 UTC NoobsLab Solved
Solved 169870 index.theme errors in 11.04 for cursor default 2011-09-02 03:11:22 UTC Javier Resendiz Solved
Answered 160578 How to get light cloure themes for Ubuntu? 2011-06-07 15:31:14 UTC Chathuranga Answered
Answered 158997 package gnome-accessibility-themes-extras (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/themes/LowContrast/index.theme', which is also in package gnome-themes-standard 2.91.93-1 2011-05-25 18:24:06 UTC i0 Answered
Solved 131365 how to change or install new themes in uBuntu 10.10 ? 2010-10-27 00:01:46 UTC Abdelrahman Mohamed Desoky Mahmood Solved
Solved 45029 Gnome artworks & themes problem 2008-09-12 22:33:56 UTC bluey Solved
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