Mini9: How to connect to wireless by enabling automatic mode

Created by Fabián Rodríguez on
mini9 inspiron 910 dell wireless wifi

If you are having issues with wifi with your Dell Mini 9 or can't seem to have it recognized, make sure your system is fully updated.

The FN-2 (Function + "2") combination of keys will cycle between enabling wireless and bluetooth modes.

If your wifi is properly recognized but you are not detecting any access points, try this:

   1. Go to System > Administration > Network
   2. Click the Unlock button
   3. Highlight Wireless connection with a single click
   4. Click on Properties
   5. Ensure Enable automatic mode is checked. Click OK
   6. Close all network preferences windows
   7. Wait 15 to 60 seconds
   8. Click the Network Manager icon in GNOME panel, access point(s) should appear