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Asked by Andre on 2010-02-11


the latest Gwibber releases are really amazing! Thanks for the great work!
Question: Will Gwibber support Google Buzz in the near future? Can we expect Buzz support in Lucid Lynx? Google has already set up an API:


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Andre (ajx) said : #1

thanks for linking the wishlist...

Michael R. Head (burner) said : #2

According to

"Google hasn't opened an API for Buzz yet, but we will be supporting it in Gwibber when it is possible to do so."

IC Raibow (icrbow) said : #3

That was Feb 10th. Now APIs in place and i'm sure it's possible now.

Jack Deslippe (jdeslip) said : #4

I'd also like this :)

Me too :)

Dahaniel (dm-protzkeule) said : #6

Ja, here, me too ;)

Andrea Olivato (andreaolivato) said : #7

There's still no API service available.

Christopher (chrismen) said : #8

There is no API yet for Google Buzz, but there is an API available for Google Chat. Gwibber can use the Google Chat API to update 'away status'. Away status should update Google Buzz automatically. This is not a perfect solution, but it is an easy one to implement until Google released the final Buzz API.

SnoStorm (n0nl1nearsb0x) said : #9

@Christopher, that doesn't actually work through the Chat API last I checked.
Anyway, Google just announced a Buzz API;
Now it's just a matter of when the Gwibber devs implement it!

Working on it :)

Philip Taylor (scraliontis) said : #11

tweetdeck now has google buzz support, so presumably google buzz has some kind of api, so that tweetdeck can do that.

Jack Deslippe (jdeslip) said : #12

They just announced the Buzz API wednesday. Tweetdeck got early access because they helped Google build/test the APIs. Anyway, keep us updated on the progress Krzysztof!

Omer Akram (om26er) said : #13

Krzysztof Klinikowski, please see bug 520068 I have subscribed you there. Its seems ryan paul is also working on implementing google buzz.

Yeah, I saw it yesterday. Seems that my work on it is not required right now :)

Jarige (jarikvh) said : #15

I would also very much like Buzz in Gwibber :) Krzysztof, I've you've got time to spare, I suppose you could help out Paul, right? That would speed up things, and hopefully make it available in the near future :)
I just hope it will be released in Lucid...

As I know Paul finished works on it and put working Buzz support in pre-30 branch so we propably will see this in Gwibber 3.0 :)

Andre (ajx) said : #17

Great news! Looking forward to Gwibber 3! Hope there will be a PPA with builds for Lucid.

Philip Taylor (scraliontis) said : #18

When will we see gwibber 3, ?

Omer Akram (om26er) said : #19

Late september I think.

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rdesfo (rdesfo) said : #20


Daniel Clem (clem11388) said : #21

Just want'ed to put my vote in for getting Google Buzz support also. I am trying to drift aways from facebook and really like the way Buzz is setup. Thanks for all the work everyone is doing. I have no programming experience or else I would help :)

God bless you and your work

chazxeb (chazxeb) said : #22

I definitely am eager for buzz support!

Jack Deslippe (jdeslip) said : #23

I tried this out in Maverick. I could add my buzz account but everything was empty. Is this fully implemented yet?

Daniel Clem (clem11388) said : #24

Yes I am having the same issue with Buzz in Gwibber. It authorized without any hickups at all and was really smooth and seemless with how it takes you to the "grant access" or whatever part of the Buzz site right within the Gwibber window. But the feed box doesn't show anything. It let me post something but doesn't show up in Gwibber even though I used it to make the post. I will be eagerly awaiting updates and fixes for this. Loving Maverick Meerkat!! It shows how nice and elegant Linux is becoming (with minor bugs) and I can't wait to see what the future has in store.

  Thanks everyone and God Bless all your work!!,
     Daniel Clem

Andrew (andrew-craucamp) said : #25

What is the progress with this? Google Buzz has been an issue with Gwibber for ages now and nothing has even been mentioned about it. Rather remove Google Buzz from the list than leave it there in a broken state.

I created a patch for this bug. You can try it out and see if things work out. The patch is at:

Please use the last patch posted. Comments still dont work, but posting new buzzes and getting current ones does work.

Good luck!

I can authorize but when I do I can't actually add the feed - there is no save button or anything.

Sasa Stamenkovic (umpirsky) said : #28

@Krzysztof Klinikowski I have Gwibber and there is no google buzz support?

Andre (ajx) said : #29

@Sasa: There is Buzz in Gwibber Just install the package 'gwibber-service-buzz' ( ).

Sasa Stamenkovic (umpirsky) said : #30

@Andre Thanks, that did the trick. I can now post with buzz, but I don't see other people messages (buzzes), I guess they will appear as they are posted.