Questions for Shkodran Gerguri

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Answered 14479 file sharing and ftp like windows 2007-10-04 06:38:43 UTC itisnot_me Ubuntu Answered
Solved 14470 Ubuntu Installation Help Needed 2007-10-04 02:41:45 UTC Peter Ubuntu Solved
Solved 14466 Where can I report success of driver recompilation? 2007-10-04 01:34:09 UTC All Yours linux-meta in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 14447 How to add new monitor 2007-10-03 18:00:54 UTC Alexander Nevskiy displayconfig-gtk Answered
Solved 14099 Monitor driver documentation is missing 2007-09-27 14:18:39 UTC William F Pearson displayconfig-gtk Solved
Solved 14068 Samsung SyncMaster 226BW not in screen list 2007-09-26 23:37:50 UTC CirclingTheSun displayconfig-gtk Solved
Answered 11802 dual boot access 2007-08-19 20:34:01 UTC jesse c kdebase in Ubuntu Answered
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