Questions for Martin Eigel

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Answered 228262 outdated nightly builds 2013-05-06 14:16:25 UTC Martin Eigel DOLFIN Answered
Solved 226971 symmetric_assemble 2013-04-18 09:43:51 UTC Claas Abert DOLFIN Solved
Solved 226398 different quadature degree 2013-04-10 16:43:52 UTC Jan Blechta DOLFIN Solved
Solved 226361 Projection from fine low order basis function to coarse high order basis function 2013-04-10 09:10:36 UTC Artur Palha DOLFIN Solved
Solved 214909 boundary marking not working in snapshot release 2012-11-22 00:26:32 UTC Martin Eigel DOLFIN Solved
Solved 213827 Mesh of triangles in 3D (surface mesh) 2012-11-10 10:42:20 UTC Chris Richardson DOLFIN Solved
Solved 213798 residual estimator for elasticity not working in nightly snapshot release 2012-11-09 23:08:20 UTC Martin Eigel DOLFIN Solved
Solved 212729 Local assembly of forms for a posteriori error analysis 2012-10-30 08:49:27 UTC Rodolphe Prignitz DOLFIN Solved
Answered 212009 nightly snapshot release without VTK support 2012-10-22 21:08:07 UTC Martin Eigel DOLFIN Answered
Answered 209712 Assembly on manifolds 2012-09-27 11:58:11 UTC Charl DOLFIN Answered
Answered 200555 adding Nuemann boudary condition for 2D plane stress analysis 2012-06-15 16:24:03 UTC Veena P DOLFIN Answered
Solved 199071 find parent cells in a refined mesh 2012-06-01 07:54:30 UTC Martin Eigel DOLFIN Solved
Solved 199058 eigenvectors do not correspond to eigenvalues of Dirichlet Laplacian 2012-06-01 05:12:47 UTC Bartlomiej Siudeja DOLFIN Solved
Solved 183699 assign to coefficients vector of function 2012-01-04 10:38:15 UTC Martin Eigel DOLFIN Solved
Solved 177822 mixed, derivative, hyperelasticity 2011-11-07 00:08:57 UTC corrado maurini DOLFIN Solved
Solved 177108 evaluation of normal derivative edge jumps 2011-11-01 14:06:18 UTC Martin Eigel DOLFIN Solved
Solved 169325 Pointwise Dirichlet BC 2011-08-27 16:45:13 UTC Allan Leal DOLFIN Solved
Solved 169140 Adding a Neumann Boundary Condition at Certain Boundary 2011-08-25 09:18:45 UTC Liang Jin Lim DOLFIN Solved
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