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Answered 215968 Compromiso de Resposabilidad Social 2012-12-04 19:16:58 UTC 2012-12-04 Juan José Pimentel (Digisolution) Openerp Venezuela Answered
Open 195376 ORM Search Method is not working properly on model with property fields 2011-12-28 05:29:29 UTC 2011-12-28 hbto [Vauxoo] http://www.vauxoo.com OpenERP Server Open
Answered 182567 Uso de la cadena de caracteres 'SDCF' para generar reporte de Ret. de IVA 2011-12-21 16:04:00 UTC 2011-12-21 hbto [Vauxoo] http://www.vauxoo.com Openerp Venezuela Answered
Needs information 182495 Accounting Issue Related to Account Move created when using Anglo Saxon and Real Time Stock Valuation in products 2011-12-20 18:56:18 UTC 2011-12-20 hbto [Vauxoo] http://www.vauxoo.com OpenERP Addons Needs information
Answered 111090 [account_account] How to use __compute method directly 2010-05-15 06:21:13 UTC 2010-05-15 hbto [Vauxoo] http://www.vauxoo.com OpenERP Addons Answered
Solved 109998 Timeout when print a report 2010-05-07 06:46:11 UTC 2010-05-07 hbto [Vauxoo] http://www.vauxoo.com OpenERP Addons Solved
Answered 107430 Retencion en la Línea de Comprobante se carga como producto 2010-04-14 19:57:35 UTC 2010-04-14 hbto [Vauxoo] http://www.vauxoo.com Openerp Venezuela Javier Duran Answered
Solved 105254 Can I trace back my average cost for a specific product? 2010-03-23 04:19:34 UTC 2010-03-23 Joel Cabral OpenERP Addons Solved
Solved 103635 Is it possible to have more than five lines of entries in an account move? 2010-03-08 17:36:18 UTC 2010-03-08 hbto [Vauxoo] http://www.vauxoo.com OpenERP Addons Solved
Solved 100710 how to set opening balance of an account 2010-02-11 14:51:39 UTC 2010-02-11 Akshay Jain OpenERP Addons Solved
Solved 97831 Mostrar Mas de cinco (5) líneas, asientos, por comprobante 2010-01-18 15:31:58 UTC 2010-01-18 hbto [Vauxoo] http://www.vauxoo.com Openerp Venezuela Solved
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