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Answered 404283 How do we add xen server (hypervisor) as openstack compute node? 2016-11-22 08:20:04 UTC ronsnetapp OpenStack Compute (nova) Answered
Solved 255304 Installing Devstack on Xenserver triggers a urllib3.connectionpool warning, followed by a 409 Conflict: Cannot upload to an unqueued image. 2014-10-02 23:39:42 UTC Theora Rice devstack Solved
Answered 214413 Access denied to /sys/hypervisor/uuid 2012-11-16 23:09:39 UTC chris grigg OpenStack Compute (nova) Answered
Solved 184290 Oneric - MCP67 audio does not work 2012-01-10 20:30:24 UTC Bob Ball alsa-driver in Ubuntu Solved
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