i have windows and kaspersky - will ubuntu run problem free with the ?

Asked by hard 0nn on 2012-07-28

I have had my laptop cleared of trojan. I have windows and kaspersky internet protection. Will installation of ubuntu clash with those programmes ?

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You're mixing up the concept of operating systems and applications.

Windows and GNU/Linux are operating systems.

Kaspersky Internet protection is an application running on Windows.

Windows viruses only affect the Windows operating systems or Windows applications , not Linux.

So as long as you are not running Windows applications in Linux using wine, it should be impossible for Windows virii to affect the GNU/Linux operating system or Linux applications.

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does this mean installation of ubuntu will not affect computer operation/
speed/clash etc ?

@hard 0nn : indeed, install of Ubuntu will not affect computer operation/speed/clash.

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At first, I thought you had not answered, and then saw your answer at the end of my answer.... Very confusing.

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