Key:amenity used for Restaurant search ?

Asked by Thilo on 2016-10-21

When searching for the name of a Hotel and Restaurant (Landhaus Lauble) in uNav,
both OpenStreetMap entries are shown.
One with the Hotel Icon, one with a Restaurant Icon (Fork and Spoon).
So this seems to refer to "amenity".
When using the search for "Hotel", it is found,
but not with the "Restaurant" search.
Other Restaurants are found, with even less keys.
Seems it might be related to the fact if there's a "way" of "nodes",
but it's strange that the "Hotel" is found, anyway.

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costales (costales) said : #1

How do you search it?
I'm finding it with Nearby option:

Normal search will use the OSM nominatin service:

A hug!

Thilo (thaug) said : #2

I first searched for "Fohrenbühl" (Langwiesenhof, Hornberg), then used the "nearby" option.
When trying it again, it first didn't work today. But after choosing 5km, it worked.
After switching back to 1 km, it also worked. Same after restarting uNav.
(i assumed the default distance might have been the reason,
although there were others found before which were more than a km away).
The same applies to another Restaurant I couldn't find yesterday in another region
(why I assumed it might be related to the "way").
Can't reproduce the incident now, so I mark it as solved.

costales (costales) said : #3

thanks for your feedback!! :)

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Thilo (thaug) said : #4

I have a new effect with another Restaurant :

Seems it's only found when searching from a distance of 300-500m,
using the "1km" search. Searching from the same place with "5km" doesn't show it,
also when you're too close to it.

The amenity recently changed from fast_food to restaurant,
but this IMHO doesn't explain the effect within uNav
(sometimes shown, sometimes not, depending on the distance and distance filter).

costales (costales) said : #5

Hi Thilo :)

Because of the nominatin OSM limitation, the search will only return 50
If you are looking for a 'restaurant', OSM will return so many restaurants
and then, you'll see only 50.

Could be this the reason? ;)

A hug and thanks a lot for your feedback!

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costales (costales) said : #6

One hack tip (offtopic): you can share a place in the map with the button
share when you click in a POI, in your current position or in the map.
Something like this:,9.2112272
Anyone with Ubuntu Phone & uNav can navigate to it. Anyone with other phone
or PC will see the point in the web :D

Thilo (thaug) said : #7

Regarding :
If you are looking for a 'restaurant', OSM will return so many restaurants
and then, you'll see only 50.

Could be this the reason? ;)

It would be generally possible in case the "1km" option returns the values in reverse order,
means the farthest first. But doesn't seem to happen to other restaurants.
(when I search in the middle of the town,where a bunch of restaurants are around,
even the next 30m away is shown). Even with the 5km option.
This effect happens mainly when I search next to the restaurant (less than 200m), but not only.
And obviously not to all (there's a "row" of five restaurant nearby which are always shown).

I realized that the symbol in OSM meanwhile switched to restaurant instead of fast_food,
while it's still the Burger symbol in uNav (seems not yet been rendered).
But in case uNav JUST uses the amenity "restaurant", this shouldn’t play a role.

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