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Summary Created Submitter Assignee Status
Solved 703010 Missing fix for CVE-2022-37434 in zlib1g in focal 2022-09-01 15:41:21 UTC Felix Herrmann Solved
Solved 661480 How can I upgrade to zlib-1.2.11 on Ubuntu 16.04? 2017-12-07 15:04:18 UTC Tom Gertin Solved
Solved 290379 Error ocurring whileprocessing some packages. 2016-04-10 15:10:03 UTC Kruti Deepan Panda Solved
Solved 209726 how to install zlib-dev in ubuntu for using GEM5 2012-09-27 14:02:14 UTC Shany Solved
Answered 174993 Undefined reference to zlib in Ubuntu 11.10 2011-10-17 23:01:24 UTC Justin Answered
Answered 141769 Packages for 10.04 needed? 2011-01-17 13:02:59 UTC Andreas Volz Answered
Solved 125215 Gambas2 need zlib to compile application: where is Zlib? 2010-09-13 09:00:23 UTC Uqbar Solved
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