How set vino preferences in Xubuntu 18.04 ?

Asked by Coeur Noir on 2018-06-21


After installing vino - and make vino-server autostart with session - on a Xubuntu 18.04 machine,
I can't find :

- remote desktop in application menu, anywhere ( should be in internet section )
- a way to launch vino-preferences

Should I also install gnome-control-center ?

Seems to be the same problem with Lubuntu and I assume any non-gnome environment ?

Or is there an alternative for vino that fits better in Xfce ( and others flavours ) ?

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What are you wanting to do on the remote system once you connect? There is probably a sleeker solution than vino

Coeur Noir (coeur-noir) said : #2

Hi actionparsnip.

I want to see the screen and I want the user in front of that screen sees what I am doing when he calls for help.

It's on a local network, but big building ;-)
TeamViewer or AnyDesk seem a bit too much in that situation.

Any idea welcome !

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Coeur Noir (coeur-noir) said : #4

Hey thanks for that interesting link but still the same problem :

in Xubuntu 18.04 the command


no longer exists !

Coeur Noir (coeur-noir) said : #6


Xubuntu ( or Lubuntu ) does NOT have gnome-control-center by default.

Months ago, it was possible in non-gnome environment to launch vino-preferences to enable desktop sharing.

That command ( vino-preferences ) seems to have disappeared in 18.04.
Because it is replaced by same kind of options into gnome-control-center ( or lookalike, in Budgie ).

But how to find again access to these options about desktop sharing in ubuntu-flavors where there is no g-c-c ???

Links all speak about vino-preferences or gnome-control-center or dconf editing, which are :
- obviously outdated for the first,
- depending on gnome environment for other two.

Hence the question and bug.

Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #7

I know that Xubuntu does not have gnome-control-center by default. This is why I have given two links to alternatives (third and fourth link).

vino is the VNC server from gnome ( )
It should not come as a surprise, if you need certain gnome-features when you want to use it comfortably.

In fact you need nothing but libglib2.0-bin for the gsettings command.

And if there are outdated references somewhere else, we cannot help with that.
If you find an outdated reference on the or web pages, please provide details that this can be corrected.

Coeur Noir (coeur-noir) said : #8

You may (auto)start vino-server and set some parameters for it through gsettings but an important one is missing, setting a password for the vnc connexion ( or let's say it's too tricky for me I admit ).

Now if to be set easily vino needs g-c-c then g-c-c might be included in dependencies ?

Alternatives may be x11vnc or tigervnc not as friendly ( at first sight, I did not try tigervnc yet on ubuntu ) as vino-preferences was. So for the moment non-gnome DE may lack an easy way to run a correctly set vnc server.

…alternatives I just discovered while trying to sort this out ( ).

Problem eventually solved if we consider installing gnome-control-center in [X|L]ubuntu as an answer.

And you're of course right about the « it should not come as a surprise » - my surprise was that vino-preferences worked ago, and no longer do, I first thought about some kind of oversight somewhere. It's not.

Thanks for patience and explanations.

Coeur Noir (coeur-noir) said : #9

Thanks Manfred Hampl, that solved my question.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #10

Defining vino as "depends" on gnome-control-center is not correct, because it works without.
According to gnome-control-center is already defined as "suggests" for vino. Maybe it could be upgraded to "recommends".