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Asked by Mhpeake on 2011-07-03

it seems to me, like many others that ubuntu is have some trouble with USB 2.0 external hard drives. I have a seagate external HDD connected with a WD 500gb HDD in it. now 'Disk Utility' can see it, i guess ubuntu on the whole can see the external HDD but i cant access it, the external device is just personal data, not intended for boot or anything.

 i am a new user, i have been looking around for answers for a few hours now, and don't seem to be having much luck. i tried to mount it manually but all i get is "unknown filesystem type 'isw_raid_member'

NOTE: The current Hard Drive in the external enclosure was previously part of a Raid 0 array, and also has a couple of bad sectors but performs still ok.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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mycae (mycae) said : #1

AFAIK (and I don't know a lot here) If your drive was part of a RAID array, you will need the same (or compatible) RAID controller to be able to read the disk contents, as the RAID controller is free to alter the representation of the filesystem as it chooses, as long as it complies vaguely with the RAID configuration specified.

Furthermore, to be able to regain your files you will need all RAID disks for a RAID0 configuration, as you have configured the system in a zero redundancy fashion (striped, not mirrored). One disk does not hold your data -- it is split across two, in a manner as the RAID controller chooses.

You can dump the disk contents to a disk image if you like, but you still need both drives, and a compatible RAID controller.

Mhpeake (mhpeake) said : #2

no its not being used as a raid anymore, has been formatted since to NTFS. have been using it for a while.

peter b (b1pete) said : #3

there is still some metadata present on your hd.

running dmraid command will tell you more. (if you run first man dmraid you'll see the cmd options available)

will direct you to another url that may help you in removing metadata.

Mhpeake (mhpeake) said : #4

ok this might do it, but one quick question, if i do the dmraid thing will or is there a posibility of losing my data on the drive?

Mhpeake (mhpeake) said : #5

didnt work, i try doing dmraid stuff and it just says, no raid disks found? any thoughts?

peter b (b1pete) said : #6

in a terminal just run cmd

sudo dmraid -rE

it should remove any metadata without affecting any data present.

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