12.04 LTS - mixed feedback and experience

Asked by jacob lastman on 2012-12-24


I have been running (11 Meerkat) on my admittedly older but in perfect condition Dell Inspiron Laptop with 2Gb ram memory and good grahics, for most of last year , was very happy. then I went for 12.04 LTS 3 months ago. (very careful and clean install)

I dont like windows but of course i still am inclined to look for 'normal' windows features too.
To be honest i have had mixed reaction to 12.04 ubuntu.

I started a thread


(which dealt with some hanging and graphics issues)
which i closed after some results, but i have to say there are still some weird things happening...for example ..in the middle of typing this the screen may suddenly decide to go dark as if it is preparing to go to sleep! sometimes it come sout of it and i can reuse the mouse or sometimes it just locks.

The my desktop now only ever consists of the Launcher bar and the the date /time /close PC /battery state info top right.

Also i am sure i could open 2 copies of nautilus side by side (to drag copy) in the previous version?

anyone else had similar experiences?

thanks and happy Xmas

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Have you tried a few desktops? Does it happen there too. Maverick Merrcat is also 10.10 (not 11 anything)

jacob lastman (ndhlovo) said : #2

Thank you particularly to Action Parsnip, who is so very helpful on these boards. Appreciated.

In summary i have had a raft of screen and lock issues since i started using 12.04 LTS on my Dell Inspiron.
I logged a few related but separate queries....however...for the benefit of others i have found not setting 'anything' ie: no sleep timers AT ALL in the POWER control interface appears to have reduced the problem. I am not knowledgeable enough, or time, to track and Log proper bugs. With this set up the direct 'suspend' from the Shut icon top left does still seem to work. Touch wood.

anyway. thanks all