qt4-x11 touch events are not working with qt 4.8.5

Asked by JeffreyEberl

I'm running ubuntu 14.04. I'm running into this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/+bug/1007847

I can tell that the patch that was suggested is not installed in the source I have for qt.

I don't know much about how qt goes from vanilla qt, to ubuntu source, to a built package.

I can also see that there are newer versions of qt4 being built, probably for os versions 16.04 and such.

I have some external requirements that are preventing me from upgrading to 16.04 and they also prevent me from upgrading to qt5.

I'm trying to get something working. How should I go about fixing this? Some possible ideas I've had are:

1) Building qt from the source on the qt website, but I'm fairly sure that won't work because the code that has the bug is in qapplication_x11.cpp, and from what I can tell, that's really ubuntu code that allows touch events to happen at all, and the bug is just specifically for QGLWidgets.
2) Finding a .deb package that will install qt4.8.X where X is high enough to have this bug fixed. I would like to know when/where it has been fixed (if it has been fixed at all). The only way I've found to get the source code is with "apt-get source libqt4-core". That doesn't work well for looking at versions that are not installed. Where is the source code kept anyway? After I figure out what version works, how do I find a PPA with this version that will work for 14.04? I have backports enabled, but I don't see any available versions for qt4-x11 other than the version of 4.8.5 that has this bug.
3) Retrieving the ubuntu source code for qt, doing the change of that patch myself, and then building it locally. I am not afraid to do this, but there must be a lot of configuration for a package like qt, and surely somewhere the build configuration is recorded somewhere. Where might that be?
4) Doing 3, and then making a PPA that will allow these binaries to be used by others (specifically people who run my code) so that others don't have to deal with this same issue.
5) Finding someone else who has done 4, and already has a PPA for me. Wouldn't that be nice?

I'm trying pretty hard to figure this out, I think. Maybe I'm missing a nice doc page that explains what's going on here, or maybe I just need some help from a guru. I could really use some leads. Thank you.

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JeffreyEberl (jeffeb3) said :

I found a PPA with qt 4.8.7 built for trusty. I installed this package, and I'm still getting the bug. I looked at the source for it, and the code that the bug's patch fixes is still unpatched.


So I guess that means #1 is a no go.

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JeffreyEberl (jeffeb3) said :

Ooops, I mean #2 is a no go

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jshd djkd (hayey74) said :

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