Want to install a graphic equalizer on Ubuntu 10.04.03

Asked by Rick Miller on 2012-12-06

I actually have 2 questions. #1 How do I install a graphic equalizer on Ubuntu 10.04.03? #2 What must I do to delete the opening boot up sound?

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Lucid desktop has less than 6 months support left. I suggest you upgrade soon, ideally with a clean install of Precise. This will give support up to April 2017.

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:v-geronimos/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-mixer-applet

Rick Miller (69rixter) said : #2

Again, Andrew, my many thanx for you continued support. I hope I understand your advice correctly as I recently wiped my HDD and installed 12.04 version. As I'm sure you've deduced, I'm realitively inexperienced at finding my way around. I wish to make this (Ubuntu) my permanent O,S. and must learn/understand the operation, applications, and configurations I will need to impliment the programs/ tasks I wish employ. When I get more familiar and more confortable with this O.S., then I will install a CAD program, which is my goal for sometime in the near future. But alas, I see I have much work and learning to do before I can acheive that operation. Oh, BTW, I wish to assure you that I did not just add video player after video player on top of each other. When any one player wouldn't open, I simply uninstalled it and went to another hoping to remedy the problem. In the future, I intend to read a lot more 'forums" or FAQ's before attempting any downloads/installs or updates that do not come, strictly, through the "update register". Perhaps by doing so, I can diminish my extended reliance on the good folks here willing to pass along their expertise. To those folks, I wish to extend my gratitude and a hardy 'pat-on-the-back" for your invaluable assissitence!!