is there a column mode for cut and paste in the text processor?

Asked by mbspringer on 2011-09-01

Way back when, around the time of electric pencil and wordstar , you could copy and paste columns in a text processor as opposed to a spreadsheet. This is handy if you have a column of names and addresses that you wish to duplicate on the same page. this helps with printing labels , etc. as adhesive label often come four or five across. Is there a way to do this in Ubuntu without firing up a spread sheet?

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #1

all word processors let you do mail merging and print labels. you need to set up mail merge documents to do this.

if all you want to do is print a sheet of labels that has only one name and adddress, you can simply open a label template and past the info in each of the labels.

Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #2

In fact, you don't even need to do that. Just go New > Labels, type in the address in the Label Text box on the Labels tab and on the Option tab select Entire Page. Then click New Document. That gives you a page of all the same Label.

If what you want is a set of different addresses down the first column on the page, repeated in the other columns across the page, that is a more complicated. I would have to think about that.


Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #3

To duplicate a 'column' on an ordinary blank page, one way is to format that page with columns (Format > Columns), then fill up the first column, copy its contents onto the clipboard, insert a column break (Insert > Manual Break...), paste into the next column, insert a column break, paste into the next column, and so on.

There is no guarantee of exact registration with any particular Brand and Type of label,


Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #4

To do that with New > Labels, you would have to start with a spreadsheet. If your label sheet were 10 rows deep and 3 columns wide, for instance, you would put 10 addresses in rows 1 to 10 in column A, then copy those addresses into rows 11 to 20 and 21 to 30 of column A. The proceed to create labels as described in FAQ referred to below.

Tip: to get a multi-line address entry into a single cell, end each line with Ctrl-Enter.


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Tony Pursell (ajpursell) said : #5

Here's how to create labels from a spreadsheet:
FAQ #1433: “How do I print Labels from data in a spreadsheet?”.

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