How do I print Labels from data in a spreadsheet?

Created by Tony Pursell on on 2011-01-07
Labels Spreadsheet
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Tony Pursell on on 2011-01-07

You have to register your spreadsheet as a data base first. To do this:

- File > New > Database

- Click on 'Connect to an existing database' and select 'Spreadsheet' from the drop down list. Click Next >>

- Browse to your spreadsheet. Click Next >>

- Uncheck 'Open the database for editing'. Click Finish.

You will be asked to save the Database definition file, You can give it the same name as your spreadsheet and OOo will add a .odb extension.

Now go the Labels dialogue (File > New > Labels),

On the Labels tab of the Labels dialogue, you will find the spreadsheet in the drop down list of Databases and be able to set up your label. Under Table, you will probably have Sheet 1. Then under Database Field you will have a list of Columns. Select the columns in the order you want them on the label and click the arrow to transfer them into the Label text box.

Select the Format of labels that you are using. You will probably not need to make any changes to the label layout on the Format tab.

On the Options tab, select 'Entire Page' and 'Synchronise Contents'.

When you have done that, click New Document. You will get what I call a Merge Master document. Then do File > Print. and select 'Yes' in the dialogue that asks you 'Do you want to print a form letter'. This gives you a Mail Merge dialogue where you can do all sorts of things. I will leave you to explore, but for now click on 'File' for the Output, then OK. You will be asked to save a document containing the labels. (I would suggest your also save the Merge Master document because you can open it and do File > Print any time you want these labels again.)

Just one tip, before I finish. Print your labels on plain paper first and check the registration with the actual labels sheet. I find sometimes the lines are too tight to the left and need to be spaced in a bit.