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Asked by Tejas Dhanorkar on 2010-06-09

I have just installed ubuntu on my pc and there were 2 (top and bottom) panels initially. I somehow managed to open firefox (rhythmbox is running and I can't stop it). when I maximize firefox the border space (of panels) is empty (except bottom). when I right clicked there, there is no add option(as some of the answers say). What should i do to regain them?

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You can try opening a command input by pressing Alt + F2. Then write:
gnome-panel --replace

If that does not work (may take a few seconds) try another command input and:
killall gnome-panel

How to restore gnome panels and toolbars disappered on Ubuntu

A) When you see the clean desktop without toolbar:
- press ALT+F2 a little window will come in front of you
- ins this window field type:


Then press enter a terminal window will come in front of you:

type (a single row a time then press enter) :

gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel;
rm -rf $HOME/.gconf/apps/panel;
pkill gnome-panel

B) if you cannot get access to terminal using method A then:
- press ctrl + alt + F2 you will get a pseudo terminal black screen in front of you
- Make login with your user and password (when you type the password you will not see any screen chars, so type in then press enter)
- then when you get access, type (a single row a time then press enter) :

gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel;
rm -rf $HOME/.gconf/apps/panel;
pkill gnome-panel

Then press ctrl + alt + F7 to return to your desktop

Hope this helps

Thanks marcobra (Marco Braida), that solved my question.

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