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Solved 693960 why is kernel-package not available in Groovy 2020-11-11 19:59:19 UTC Henning Sprang Solved
Solved 693807 What package contains make-kpkg in 20.10? 2020-11-03 23:02:13 UTC Ted Solved
Answered 445315 signing of module mandatory for 16.04/32 bit non uefi board 2017-01-21 12:47:10 UTC Musbach Answered
Answered 225121 Physical Memory not recognized by the PAE Kernel 2013-03-25 15:45:24 UTC Marco Answered
Solved 55861 Hardware driver problems with 2.6.24-21-generic 2008-12-30 12:48:13 UTC ybaruss Solved
Answered 52910 kernel 2.6.27-9-server sees only 3GB of RAM on a32 bit system with PAE support 2008-11-28 02:30:29 UTC William Marques Answered
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