k3b doesnot convert mp3 to burn cd what do I need?

Asked by phil on 2007-05-05

I am burning a CD from downloaded mp3 files and i can't get k3b to burn them all I get is unable to handle due to unsupported format,Whats up?

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Felix Heinonen (fheinonen) said : #1

Run the following code in Terminal:
sudo apt-get install libk3b2-mp3

Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #2

Thanks for your question You must install k3b-mp3

$: sudo apt-get install k3b-mp3


Felix Heinonen (fheinonen) said : #3

Btw my answer is right. Since there's no such package k3b-mp3.

ozdood (ozdood) said : #4

thanks "fheinonen", just what i needed. Cheers!

rodneygeorgez (rodneygeorgez) said : #5

Thank you "fheinonen", It worked like a charm thanks heaps

niyam bhushan (niyam) said : #6

sweet and instant gratification!

eyrea (katherine-hajer) said : #7

I ran the command Felix provided above, and installed the package with no errors. K3b still won't let me burn mp3s to audio CDs. I rebooted, just in case -- same thing. This is the error message I receive:

Unable to handle the following files due to an unsupported format:
You may manually convert these audio files to wave using another application supporting the audio format and then add the wave files to the K3b project.

Any ideas?

washer (dmpa10ro) said : #8

On my Ubuntu (I think it's 6.06) I found with Synaptic the package libk3b2-mp3. Also libk3b2 I installed months before. Maybe that you can see libk3b2-mp3 in Synaptic only, after you added to the package sources (on Synaptic) http://ftp.debian.org sarge main. Maybe.

JoshuaKersey (goodtimetribe) said : #9

It worked perfectly. Thank you.

Michael Boratko (boratko) said : #10

On newer distributions you should run

sudo apt-get install libk3b2-extracodecs

another_sam (anothersam) said : #11

ubuntu k3b mp3

sudo apt-get install libk3b2-extracodecs


David38840 (dridley) said : #12

It's very interesting as I couldn't burn an mp3 cd either using k3b. I downloaded the trial version of Nero3 and it all went fine. When I tried to play the disc I had the same problema as with k3b.
I tried sudo apt-get install k3b-mp3 and up popped the following text in my terminal :
couldn't find package k3b-mp3
Do I need to install this deb package from somewhere? Any ideas. Thanks a lot

another_sam (anothersam) said : #13


sudo apt-get install libk3b2-extracodecs

I wrote "ubuntu k3b mp3" just to make this post more visible to [ubuntu k3b mp3] google searches but now I know this caused collateral damage. next time I will take in account that www is not read but eye-stroked.

David38840 (dridley) said : #14

Samuel many thanks for this info.

On Mon, 2008-08-18 at 17:02 +0000, samuel wrote:
> Question #6146 on k3b in ubuntu changed:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/k3b/+question/6146
> samuel proposed the following answer:
> David38840
> sudo apt-get install libk3b2-extracodecs
> I wrote "ubuntu k3b mp3" just to make this post more visible to [ubuntu
> k3b mp3] google searches but now I know this caused collateral damage.
> next time I will take in account that www is not read but eye-stroked.

Drakkahn (glenn973) said : #15

FWIW, I don't know what the difference is, but I installed libk3b3-extracodecs and it seems to be working fine as well.

David38840 (dridley) said : #16

Thks for your reply. I don't seem to be having problems now. If you are burning mp3 format to disc in K3B then choosing the option burn DATA CD it should work. You cannot burn an AUDIO CD with mp3 format. First you have to convert it to Audio format. Hope this helps. You are right though Drakkahn as the libk3b3-extracidecs is necessary, but although I had libk3b2 installed it still worked. I have now installed libk3b3 just in case! Problem solutionned.

Nate (jason-the-slayer2000) said : #17

Where and how would I get libk3b2-extracodecs?

David38840 (dridley) said : #18

Click on System - Administration - Synaptic Package Manager and in the search type in libk3b2 to see if you have it installed. If you have it then mark it for installlation and apply. If you only have lilbk3b3 then install this one.
See how you get on with this, if not then in the terminal you need to type in ....
sudo apt-get install libk3b2-extracodecs
Fingers crossed it works for you. You are burning an mp3 disc as Data Disk???
good luck

FYI it is now (Intrepid) libk3b3 and libk3b-codecs

That should be libk3b3-extracodecs

sun_tzu (marcoapuleiomiglia) said : #21

Hi everybody,
on my hardy heron I had to install from synaptic libk3b2-extracodecs
Sun Tzu

zohar995 (zohar995) said : #22

Hi I remember having this problem before. Unfortunately I can't remember how I solved it. Now my K3B won't convert mp3 in order to burn an audio cd. My version of ubuntu is 9.10 (Karmic) I tried to install libk3b3-extracodecs and got this message in my terminal: El paquete libk3b3-extracodecs no está disponible, pero algún otro paquete hace referencia
a él. Esto puede significar que el paquete falta, está obsoleto o sólo se
encuentra disponible desde alguna otra fuente
Sin embargo, los siguientes paquetes lo reemplazan:
E: El paquete libk3b3-extracodecs no tiene candidato para su instalación
Any suggetions?

Dave McMullen (dm-hisfeet) said : #23

I'm running Mint8 (Helena) which is compatible with Ubuntu 9.10. I did a search in synaptic for libk3b and found a file called: libk3b6-extracodecs. That did the trick. Its described as "runtime files".

bossbruin (bossbruin) said : #24

Hello I found an alternative to all this using the ubuntu software centre in 9.10. Simply add the Kubuntu restricted xtras package and you'll be on fire(burning mp3s to audios) in no time.

James Peters (reteptj73-) said : #25

Hello I have had the same problem with some audio files to cd,but after sifting through Synaptic package manager (by the way I am using oeneric 11.10 version)I found that installing package libk3b6-extracodecs it now works a treat.

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