Questions for ifupdown in Ubuntu

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Answered 230605 Not getting dhcp ip address from isp 2013-06-12 01:54:12 UTC Tongayi Masunda Answered
Answered 186860 Connected but no internet 2012-02-05 09:08:35 UTC Christoffer Okkels Answered
Solved 71578 ifdown: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate 2009-05-18 18:41:37 UTC Jeffrey Ratcliffe Solved
Solved 11978 Is anyone working on this package? 2007-08-22 09:59:59 UTC Eugene Solved
Solved 3631 how to prevent dhcp modify /etc/resolv.conf 2007-02-11 13:28:38 UTC LI Daobing Solved
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